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  1. Glad to stay connected but since people started using fake stuff to gain the most powerful and others trust they cant be trusted,

    I thought you were bad but it turns out you are even worse, You can try to fix your misunderstanding by facing the harsh world or trying to fix those who are having a misunderstanding with you,

    See you on the far side mate, Good Day, Admiral 

  2. spidey

    @IAV4K i think you mean welcome to the DARK Side
  3. spidey

    Hi spidey welcome to the forum i hope you enjoy her we have great admins and great members
  4. Maintenance

  5. Hi whats up

    welcome to the forum @Arrr and don't worry i well teach you how to play
  6. movies

    Well me Kingsman The golden cercle
  7. am i active or no?

    you are free to talk
  8. You keep trying and trying and trying and working and working and give all your life time to it but at the and you well find your self at the lowest rank ,why am i doing this again ? 1 year of the hard work is vanish hard ha?

  9. This video is for u kevin ^^

    @Kevin check it out m8 ^^
  10. This is for the RA HA SA <3

    thx pascal
  11. This is for the RA HA SA <3

    Thx duck