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  1. Haha
    redtiger got a reaction from Vicky in how do i find my saved profile   
    hahahaha ok thanks @eXe
  2. Haha
    redtiger got a reaction from pascal in Top stats suggestion   
    yeah yeah all hackers are first on top stats and we the truly good stay far behind!!!
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    redtiger reacted to Uzbek in Emoticons   
    Hi everyone!
    I found a small issue with using emoticons in replies in profile.
    While replying to recent status in someones profile, emoticons appear in the background as to the Report link. It is interferes with the choice of emoticon.

    This is not a serious problem, but it would be better for everyone if it was solved. 
    P.S.  Despite the fact that the problem on the site, I had to choose a prefix, as it is required here
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    redtiger reacted to HadesGR in Sniping Guide   
    wolfy i have spectate you many times! you are doing good. a sniper in my opinion has to be quick..  the most important! i think it s good to hold your breath before you stand up. if you think that you have made a lot of enemies angry just take place! if you can handle them, then your kills come to you on their own.. i rarely change place... but it s up to you! hope i helped you a little bit..
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    redtiger reacted to AHMED in Sniping Guide   
    hide for 5 or 10 seconds after U kill someone that saw you . because he will return and try to find you.
  6. Haha
    redtiger reacted to eXe in how do i find my saved profile   
    What did I just wrote in the Above topic?

    It will then be saved in the folder where you have Easy account

    I also said, look at a youtube video, and dont make me find one for you, cause it will be like making me wiping ur ass after you have Poopoo, you can do that yourself

    And dont make me make another Let me google that for you link, to find a youtube video for the excact same thing....
  7. Haha
    redtiger reacted to tfninja in RIP COD4 Softcore   
    Thanks for bringing this server back. There is now a queue to get in almost all the time, which shows how popular it was.
    I've seen lots of old players in the last few days too, which is great. Elemental, Garfield, Dredd66, Private Ryan, lots of good old friends on there that i've known for 5+ years.
    Still wish you'd revert the changes to the damage model though, or atleast find a nice middle ground.
    Red Tiger: You gotta stop saying "hello, im your fan"! I appreciate it, but don't know what to say after the 10th time!
  8. Haha
    redtiger reacted to IAV4K in KINGS OF STREAK   
    50 in Sniper only 
    100 in HC crossfire 
  9. Haha
    redtiger reacted to CoMrAdEWoLfY in KINGS OF STREAK   
    150 (not in dw and was camping)
  10. Haha
    redtiger reacted to GOODNIGHT in KINGS OF STREAK   
    100 in ffa
  11. Haha
    redtiger reacted to Uzbek in KINGS OF STREAK   
    72/0 in hardcore
  12. Haha
    redtiger reacted to pascal in KINGS OF STREAK   
    Mine is 50
  13. Thanks
    redtiger reacted to Uzbek in RIP COD4 Softcore   
    hehehe, you r funny  
    Yes, he is a hacker, just like me 
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    redtiger got a reaction from SniperWolf23 in Call Of Duty   
    you are the wikipedia of the clan my friend!!!
  15. Thanks
    redtiger got a reaction from Grover in hello!   
    welcome my friend!!don't worry everyone is bad in the beginning!!
  16. Sad
    redtiger got a reaction from Umar93 in COD 4 MW   
    game crashes sometimes...there are some issues!!
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    redtiger reacted to rS'akiy0 in Suggestions Please   
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    redtiger got a reaction from iphone in HELLO   
    welcome my friend!!
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    redtiger reacted to MONGCHAW in Final Poll for the keepers   
    Added  .
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    redtiger reacted to SniperWolf23 in Why?!   
    Are they that jealous that they had to attack probably one of the best clan servers that exist in the CoDMW4 mp game. But the real question is - why? Is it because they are jealous or got banned, lost their tag because they did something that they weren't suppose to do or did they do it because they were furious. They are really stupid people on this planet, if they think they can do what ever they like to do, then they are really stupid. For them that's like taking candy from a baby, literally. I've been playing on this server for a long time and the DW (AREA 51) were the first servers I played when I started playing CoDMW4 mp. And I don't want it to end, because this server clan is the best server clan that ever existed and still in existing. Admins, Co-Admins etc... let's attack them (if we know who they are), let them know that -=DW=- isn't a server clan that does nothing. Let them know that WE are better than them in any way!!! All of you that read this, I am thankful that you took you're time to read it.  
  21. Thanks
    redtiger reacted to itsme in Our future   
    requesting kevin to atleast open up the softcore all maps. we used to receive so many players there, and it would be depressing to see it go away like that..please kevin if you can consider our humble request and reopen the softcore all maps
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    redtiger got a reaction from MetaBee in Happy New Year.   
    is that you @Kevin ? 
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    redtiger got a reaction from andreadb98 in DW Servers under attack   
    f...ing  haters!!!
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    redtiger reacted to Uzbek in Correspondence...))   
    Google translate...
  25. Haha
    redtiger reacted to DoN in Map Backlot Snow 1.0 Server   
    woow.. all lights off..
    check this selfie    :