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  1. about hacking

    i have many times reported a player but when you spec him you see you know why?because they mostly change the attributes of the gun...accuracy,damage,range,fire rate etc!!that's why you see nothing...Naruto on the br is doing exactly what im saying...AK47 has terrible accuracy but his has perfect!!i suggest you to change the way of your thinking!!think out of the box a liitle!!
  2. had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    have you thought that you might get killed in the process??
  3. had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    welcome to the club!!
  4. do you know what?DW clan will be abandoned because you don't listen the players...NM clan is very close to your reputation and when they introduce a good all maps server all players will be will see that!!

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    2. redtiger


      no i'm saying the opposite...grenades are very weak and you never listent to the players!!you just do your thing!!all players are saying that grenades are weak and you do nothing!!

    3. IAV4K


      Making it harder to kill someone makes the game more fun 

      More players like this than dislike this 

      The changes are staying you can either get used to it or get caught up in the past 

    4. redtiger


      it is simply irrational to disable grenades...whatever are lucky there is no better clan

  5. since we have new head admins please make grenades work again!!

    1. IAV4K


      The grenade works fine 

      Try cooking it or throw it better ;)

    2. I'mMalfri


      @IAV4K he probably meant 3x Grenades xD 

    3. redtiger


      @IAV4K ok grenades will not change

  6. Top stats suggestion

    with what nick?
  7. Top stats suggestion

    you don't know who i am so i don't care what you say...we don't play at the same servers!!
  8. Top stats suggestion

    yeah yeah all hackers are first on top stats and we the truly good stay far behind!!!
  9. how do you destroy a monster without becoming one?

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    2. Heroic


      then make him ur bed buddy xD

      if it's a monstress xD

    3. redtiger


      hahahahahaha that was hilarious man xD

    4. Heroic



  10. signature

    hi guys how can i make a signature in my posts??
  11. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    @Inside Siwc*-* just lol...your hack is obvious!!
  12. call of duty 4 B3 and other options

    just lol guys...when b3 is up hackers still running wild!!b3 is not the problem!!
  13. complaint

    ok i have some complaints here i need to share...first you have made grenades weaker...there is no way to make a kill using them!!!they must explode in your hand to get killed!!i don't care about marty because is annoying but real grenades is part of the game you can't leave them aside!!Second, the missile strike is bad because it takes too much time to launch and you can get killed...airstrike is far better and it makes more kills!!!Third, after the first air strike you don't win a second air strike if you gather the necessary kills!!they are my complaints and i'll be glad if you bring back some previous settings!!
  14. those who want advices pm me!!

  15. Sniping Guide

    my greek friend here said everything!!claymore use is very important for a sniper...i don't use because is boring!!i personally use M40 with stopping power and deep impact!!
  16. old settings vs new settings

    @Kevin come on kev make it happen plz
  17. old settings vs new settings

    because i miss old settings i would like to make a poll to see what is best!! many grenade kills and airstrikes vs missile strikes and no grenades!!!
  18. old settings vs new settings

    lol we all want old settings
  19. Plz give me some tips and tricks

    start with this
  20. old settings vs new settings

    comment plz so others can see the poll!!
  21. key selection tip

    my key selection which i think is the best.... 1) AWSD-moving 2) Q-crouch,R-prone 3) E-running 4) 3-knife 5) 5-special grenade,G-frag grenade 6) 2-switch weapon 7) RELOAD-one of the mouse keys(mine has many)
  22. key selection tip

    lol realy?? most of players probably have default controls!!
  23. i would like to make a question bcz i will change hard disk...where can i find my saved player's profile?
  24. Plz give me some tips and tricks

    i won't tell you how to hack...only tips to get better!!!
  25. Plz give me some tips and tricks

    if you play tdm all maps i will give you!!