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  1. stop hacking and try to get better instead"

  2. hello!

    welcome my friend!!don't worry everyone is bad in the beginning!!
  3. this is the only cod i have ever played can you believe that??i have seen videos of the rest and their multiplayer sucks...they have huge maps which is boring and they all seem the same!!cod4 has amazing maps and that's why i will keep playing it!!
  4. Call Of Duty

    you are the wikipedia of the clan my friend!!!
  5. signature

    one more can i put a gif in my signature?
  6. signature

    hi guys how can i make a signature in my posts??
  7. signature

    yes man thanks!!
  8. COD 4 MW

    game crashes sometimes...there are some issues!!
  9. HELLO

    welcome my friend!!
  10. OP Sniper Rifle

  11. Airstrike Kills?

    i have noticed too!!
  12. 1 year stats!!!
  13. screenshots
  14. screenshots

    hey guys i want to post a screenshot but it doesn't let me...why?
  15. screenshots

    yes i choose a file and a message pops up and says There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance.
  16. screenshots

    no seriously what type of file it must be?
  17. DW Servers under attack

    still being attacked?
  18. we vote Giannis Antetokounmpo for the all star game...please vote guys!!! #gogreece #allstar

  19. CoD4 Professionals - Where Are They Now?

    pros?omg i just saw them use wh...don't believe anything you see!!
  20. we all vote softcore all maps tdm...go guys!!!

  21. Final Poll for the keepers

    hey mate you forgot the most important server...all maps softcore tdm
  22. wait !!what??

    that's nothing man...i have seen players reload and shoot at the same time!!!
  23. Our future

    i have sent kevin a message since yesterday but nothing yet!!
  24. Your best high score.

    you are a joke man...i have faced you many times and i know very well that you hack!!!because of hackers like you the great players don't get the credits they deserve!!!
  25. Your best high score.

    @Uzbek are you kidding me?you pretend to be a great player using hack??you are pathetic man!!!