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    servers i play:softcore all maps and softcore crossfire tdm

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  1. Insult from -=DW=-pascal

    @Inside Siwc*-* just lol...your hack is obvious!!
  2. call of duty 4 B3 and other options

    just lol guys...when b3 is up hackers still running wild!!b3 is not the problem!!
  3. those who want advices pm me!!

  4. Sniping Guide

    my greek friend here said everything!!claymore use is very important for a sniper...i don't use because is boring!!i personally use M40 with stopping power and deep impact!!
  5. old settings vs new settings

    @Kevin come on kev make it happen plz
  6. old settings vs new settings

    lol we all want old settings
  7. Plz give me some tips and tricks

    start with this
  8. old settings vs new settings

    comment plz so others can see the poll!!
  9. old settings vs new settings

    because i miss old settings i would like to make a poll to see what is best!! many grenade kills and airstrikes vs missile strikes and no grenades!!!
  10. key selection tip

    lol realy?? most of players probably have default controls!!
  11. key selection tip

    my key selection which i think is the best.... 1) AWSD-moving 2) Q-crouch,R-prone 3) E-running 4) 3-knife 5) 5-special grenade,G-frag grenade 6) 2-switch weapon 7) RELOAD-one of the mouse keys(mine has many)
  12. Plz give me some tips and tricks

    i won't tell you how to hack...only tips to get better!!!
  13. Plz give me some tips and tricks

    if you play tdm all maps i will give you!!
  14. how do i find my saved profile

    hahahaha ok thanks @eXe
  15. how do i find my saved profile

    ok but how i find the file??can you guide me?