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  1. why midcore?

    i don't know man....can you fix this bug?
  2. why midcore?

    ok now is too hard to kill someone lol...i need to knife him 2 times to die!!!i think it's a bug
  3. why midcore?

    i still die too easy kevin...are you sure is the same as before?
  4. why midcore?

    maybe the damage of the weapon is increased i don't know but something seems changed!!!
  5. why midcore?

    team deathmatch softcore all maps and softcore only crossfire!!i'm 100 % sure that is different now...i play everyday there!!i kill and get killed easier now!!
  6. why midcore?

    i kill and get killed easier than before...that came with the new changes!!a guy yesterday told me that is gonna be midcore!!i play in softcore team deathmatch all maps and it seems defferent!!!
  7. why midcore?

    why you changed it to midcore guys?i kill and get killed too easy now!!i don't like it!!if you want midcore make a seperate server!!
  8. more health added?

    ok thanks man
  9. more health added?

    so i noticed well?
  10. more health added?

    with the new changes you have made(lower xp,graphics changes etc) i noticed that i kill them harder now...did you add more health or lower damage to the weapons?
  11. lag

    servers lag bad these days and it's not my ping!!all the players have noticed this!!please fix it if you can!!
  12. fix knife kills stat

    can you please fix the knife kills stat?is not working!!!activision should have made one in the first place but whatever!!
  13. knife kills stat

    i checked my knife kills and they are still the same after of two days's not working right i guess!!
  14. a table according to one's stats

    i haven't faced them so i can't tell...but i have faced Li!!!
  15. a table according to one's stats

    this is not an objective list!!Li who is first on the list is a camper i have faced him...this doesn't make him the best!!