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  1. Blitzkrieg Battle #2

    2rd tournament on battalion 1944 with my mates sadly we lose in demi final again like in the first tournament here you see the two best round I made in the quarterfinals we finished top 4 out of 128 team
  2. Movie test & no finished :P

    Yes it's easy
  3. Movie test & no finished :P

    Sony vegas pro 13.0
  4. Movie test & no finished :P

    Egypt Central
  5. Admin Abuse

    @andreadb98 @Ninja @DoN What do you think?
  6. GAME CLOSED ! Hello With -=DW=- you have the opportunity to win a key for battalion 1944 How do participate ? You have to find something or it's written 2007 on one of it's two maps Ambush or Overgrown Only one rule you must have at least 20 posts on the website to participate, remember, you must have a paypal account to receive the 15€. Good Luck
  7. Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

    So true
  8. Add me on steam name > asocial. duck and congrats
  9. Check out some more Battalion 1944 Beta highlights to get you ready for Early Access next week!
  10. The future

    Hello team here as you know or not the team will go to the new game battalion 1944 but do not worry the most popular servers will remain open on cod4 so here I was wondering who will come on battalion 1944 with us ? ( Obviously we will also have servers on Battalion 1944 ) The game will be available on steam on february 1st for $15
  11. The future

    Not possible the server on battalion will not cracked like cod4 and is better like this
  12. The future

  13. The future

    It's a steam game it will not be sold in stores
  14. Battalion 1944 Beta Highlights

    Is a bug during the beta
  15. Steam is free... and battalion only 15$ on it
  16. Top 1 > CoD4 Top 2 > COD:UO Top 3 > CoD2 Top 4 > CoD5 Top 5 > Codmw2 The rest is bad <3
  17. This Or That

    Anyone into Take 2 of This or That? Take your pick and ask a new question...... Lamborghini or Ferrari
  18. When the owner of battalion 1944 kill me and my friends..
  19. World War 2 multiplayer FPS Battalion 1944 will be coming to Early access on February 1st! Add to your Steam wishlist here: Sign-up to the closed beta here:
  20. Final Poll for the keepers

    Only the most popular servers will stay exemple Search and Destroy Hardcore crossfire 24/7 All maps Free for all Zombie Promod.