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  1. World War 2 multiplayer FPS Battalion 1944 will be coming to Early access on February 1st! Add to your Steam wishlist here: Sign-up to the closed beta here:
  2. Help me, I will never do it please

    I see wh too
  3. This Or That

    Anyone into Take 2 of This or That? Take your pick and ask a new question...... Lamborghini or Ferrari
  4. Final Poll for the keepers

    Only the most popular servers will stay exemple Search and Destroy Hardcore crossfire 24/7 All maps Free for all Zombie Promod.
  5. CoD4 Professionals - Where Are They Now?

    This video is old no ? i already saw it 8/9 month ago
  6. Our future

    Good news the zombie server is back now -=DW=- Zombie Fun By WWW.DWAREA.COM
  7. Our future

    Cod4 zombie server back in 2/3 days and battalion people will be able to create mods like deathrun zombie hide and seek and many more
  8. Our future

    Zombie cod4 or this game battalion ?
  9. Our future

    The game will be available on steam for 15/20 €
  10. Hellu Forums!

    Welcome to the forum metal
  11. Confusing Intro

    Welcome back
  12. Fortnite

    I'm playing it since 3 days and i love it
  13. : } haters

    ( steal cd-keys ) hmm i want this hack ! better than my aimbot or wallhack

    Nop but soon on battalion 1944 normally
  15. How to get fps & fov

    Hey guys I made a short video to show how to put the fps & fov for all people who ask how to add it since 2 days
  16. Hide and Seek?

    We kept a server hide and seek for several months I even passed 115 level on it there were people on it but the people in the team nobody wanted to play in this mod so we decided to remove the server. ( and in my opinion I'm 100% sure that kev will say no and he's right )

    Its normal that's the goal of the mod zombie When you are survivor you have weapons/ammo and can shoot for kill zombie ( trick you can kill zombie only in head ) When you are zombie you have weapons but no ammo and you can kill survivor only with the knife.
  18. CoD4 KeyGenerator

    Yes true but 65% of player play with cracked key and in general he plays all with the same key suddenly when we ban a person is like if we ban 50 person at the same time ..
  19. top stats suggestion

    !topdeaths @eXe win easy

    Hmm nice i will check this

    What is your graphic in cod4 ? absolutely nothing on earth