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  1. World War 2 multiplayer FPS Battalion 1944 will be coming to Early access on February 1st! Add to your Steam wishlist here: Sign-up to the closed beta here:
  2. Final Poll for the keepers

    Only the most popular servers will stay exemple Search and Destroy Hardcore crossfire 24/7 All maps Free for all Zombie Promod.
  3. CoD4 Professionals - Where Are They Now?

    This video is old no ? i already saw it 8/9 month ago
  4. Our future

    Good news the zombie server is back now -=DW=- Zombie Fun By WWW.DWAREA.COM
  5. Our future

    Cod4 zombie server back in 2/3 days and battalion people will be able to create mods like deathrun zombie hide and seek and many more
  6. Our future

    Zombie cod4 or this game battalion ?
  7. Our future

    The game will be available on steam for 15/20 €
  8. Hellu Forums!

    Welcome to the forum metal
  9. Confusing Intro

    Welcome back
  10. Fortnite

    I'm playing it since 3 days and i love it
  11. : } haters

    ( steal cd-keys ) hmm i want this hack ! better than my aimbot or wallhack

    Nop but soon on battalion 1944 normally