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  1. DucK

    I had nothing to do so I did that :D

    Idk i cant help you sorry the creator of battalion are so bad it can not fix several bug
  2. DucK

    I had nothing to do so I did that :D

    I dont know if i will comeback on cod4
  3. DucK

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Bienvenue à toi jeune français
  4. DucK

    forum New donation (eXe)

    Hello, We are pleased to announce a donation from @eXe 15€ A big thanks to him
  5. DucK

    -=DW=- Don

    Nice don <3
  6. DucK


    Who make this?
  7. DucK

    New Head admins Level 80

    Congrats @Segria <3
  8. DucK

    Blitzkrieg Battle #2

    2rd tournament on battalion 1944 with my mates sadly we lose in demi final again like in the first tournament here you see the two best round I made in the quarterfinals we finished top 4 out of 128 team
  9. DucK

    Movie test & no finished :P

    Yes it's easy
  10. DucK

    Movie test & no finished :P

    Sony vegas pro 13.0