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    Welcome to our forum
  2. DW|BLuTiger


    Welcome bro TNC
  3. DW|BLuTiger

    Game crash

    bhai discord me aao
  4. DW|BLuTiger

    Game crash

    accha hai bhai
  5. DW|BLuTiger

    Game crash

    nahi bhai mi kelne ko chod dhiya
  6. DW|BLuTiger

    Game crash

    Bhai u telling him Stay rock in game He is NooB Ali
  7. DW|BLuTiger

    Happy Birtday buddy!

    Happy birthday Goody Wishing you joy and happiness in life Have a great day
  8. DW|BLuTiger

    We all are the initiative of changes!!

    How u know these Ohhh that man is you?
  9. DW|BLuTiger

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    unfortunately i am jumped on that tree after i knows that tree glitch
  10. DW|BLuTiger

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    Hmm bro
  11. DW|BLuTiger

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    You watched till end?
  12. DW|BLuTiger

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    LoL i am think about this glitch is new one
  13. DW|BLuTiger

    GsU-Mickeybroud WH

    In-Game Name: GsU-Mickeybroud Client ID:http://panel.dwarea.com/client.php?cid=86989 Server: Promod server Date & Time: oct 4 yesterday time=6pm indian timings Reason & Proof: He is really wall hacking hard in our server and i dont take too much proof of his hack
  14. DW|BLuTiger

    SnD No More ?

    Promod is too better then Snd bro
  15. DW|BLuTiger

    call of duty 4 Need a fix on my Flag

    Its depends on your Internet connection
  16. DW|BLuTiger

    Problem related to GLOBAL BAN GUID!!!

    Hmm bhai teek hai
  17. DW|BLuTiger

    Problem related to GLOBAL BAN GUID!!!

    Bro This is helpful to our server?
  18. DW|BLuTiger

    need help

    Delete your old profile name and check after u delete
  19. DW|BLuTiger


    U want to join our Dw ? Go here http://dwarea.com/forum/27-join-our-clan/ and make new topic and Follow these information
  20. DW|BLuTiger


    U should first join our DW Member then u know all about adminship
  21. DW|BLuTiger


  22. Good job bhai i think this topic is helpful for others
  23. DW|BLuTiger

    applications for adman ?

    i dnot know before but now i know for rookoi admins anyway thanks
  24. DW|BLuTiger

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    This new server so bad for our indians And our dw players in so many of indians players playing in our server. We are very much suffering for new server.and when new server back with b3 surely all are leaving our dw especially me also.and my only one suggestion is dont delete old promod server pls