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  1. DW|BLuTiger

    Just a Video

    Nice unicorn!!!
  2. DW|BLuTiger


    Welcome to our forum
  3. DW|BLuTiger


    Welcome bro TNC
  4. DW|BLuTiger

    Game crash

    bhai discord me aao
  5. DW|BLuTiger

    Game crash

    accha hai bhai
  6. DW|BLuTiger

    Game crash

    nahi bhai mi kelne ko chod dhiya
  7. DW|BLuTiger

    Game crash

    Bhai u telling him Stay rock in game He is NooB Ali
  8. DW|BLuTiger

    Happy Birtday buddy!

    Happy birthday Goody Wishing you joy and happiness in life Have a great day
  9. DW|BLuTiger

    We all are the initiative of changes!!

    How u know these Ohhh that man is you?
  10. DW|BLuTiger

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    unfortunately i am jumped on that tree after i knows that tree glitch
  11. DW|BLuTiger

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    Hmm bro
  12. DW|BLuTiger

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    You watched till end?
  13. DW|BLuTiger

    Pipeline new glitch? :D

    LoL i am think about this glitch is new one
  14. DW|BLuTiger

    GsU-Mickeybroud WH

    In-Game Name: GsU-Mickeybroud Client ID:http://panel.dwarea.com/client.php?cid=86989 Server: Promod server Date & Time: oct 4 yesterday time=6pm indian timings Reason & Proof: He is really wall hacking hard in our server and i dont take too much proof of his hack
  15. DW|BLuTiger

    SnD No More ?

    Promod is too better then Snd bro
  16. DW|BLuTiger

    call of duty 4 Need a fix on my Flag

    Its depends on your Internet connection
  17. DW|BLuTiger

    Problem related to GLOBAL BAN GUID!!!

    Hmm bhai teek hai
  18. DW|BLuTiger

    Problem related to GLOBAL BAN GUID!!!

    Bro This is helpful to our server?
  19. DW|BLuTiger

    need help

    Delete your old profile name and check after u delete
  20. DW|BLuTiger


    U want to join our Dw ? Go here http://dwarea.com/forum/27-join-our-clan/ and make new topic and Follow these information
  21. DW|BLuTiger


    U should first join our DW Member then u know all about adminship
  22. DW|BLuTiger


  23. Good job bhai i think this topic is helpful for others