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  1. BlueTiger

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    Really good job and i appreciating u But i am very sad for new server ping my ping in old server is before 60 now 80 But now new server ping is 100
  2. BlueTiger

    -=DW=- Don

    OsM @DoN
  3. BlueTiger

    -=DW=- Don

    @DoN Amazing
  4. BlueTiger


  5. BlueTiger

    COD Montage - DoN The Ninja

    WoW nice really its fun
  6. BlueTiger


    Welcome Bro .Hope u will you get enjoy for stay
  7. BlueTiger

    New tattoo <3

    2nd one nice bro
  8. BlueTiger

    call of duty 4 map pack

    Server is locked bro if u type ip and password u will join
  9. BlueTiger

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday ma bro
  10. BlueTiger

    Mobile app

    http://q.gs/DyVfx Download this bro
  11. BlueTiger

    call of duty 4 !!--- GIVEAWAY ---!!

  12. BlueTiger

    DWvsDW Challenge - Video Highlights

    Nice video bro
  13. Two principles for a happy life

    1.Use things not people

    2.Love people not things


    Type ''yes if u agree :shoot:


    1. Araf



    2. FNATIC


      Yes.. I agree 

    3. KashanRaider


      i agree but ...

      ppl like using ppl and not things and love thiings not ppl which is bad and pshyco  habit

  14. I am also using mouse This type Hardly but So many mouse is Going to Bad and broked
  15. Don't love the person who looks beautiful:rock:

    Love the person who makes your life beautiful:love:

    1. piko


      Y:dance:ou're right





  16. BlueTiger

    CoD4 KeyGenerator

    Thanks bro
  17. Maturity is when someone hurts you....

    And you try to understand their situation and don't hurt them back.


  18. BlueTiger

    my intro :)

    Welcome to the forum ma frnd
  19. BlueTiger

    call of duty 4 Ping Raise

    My problem is also now same My ping is now raise 80-90 something but my internet speed is 44mbps/sec What I do???? Are u fix your ping???
  20. A beautiful heart is better than.... Thousands of beautiful faces:shoot:

  21. No beauty parlour can make your character beautiful But your character can make you beautiful:yes:

  22. BlueTiger

    call of duty 4 DW VS HAX VEDIO

    No bro u are editing good really good
  23. BlueTiger

    call of duty 4 DW VS HAX VEDIO

    Nope bro but editing is better then me