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  1. RIP COD4 Softcore

    Thanks for bringing this server back. There is now a queue to get in almost all the time, which shows how popular it was. I've seen lots of old players in the last few days too, which is great. Elemental, Garfield, Dredd66, Private Ryan, lots of good old friends on there that i've known for 5+ years. Still wish you'd revert the changes to the damage model though, or atleast find a nice middle ground. Red Tiger: You gotta stop saying "hello, im your fan"! I appreciate it, but don't know what to say after the 10th time!
  2. RIP COD4 Softcore

    you watched through to 27:30? Thankyou!
  3. RIP COD4 Softcore

    Even your FFA and S&D servers are hardcore. 3 HC servers and zombies. Such variation. All the thousands of people who like skilled mode have nothing while you make duplicates of HC Crossfire servers which aren't needed because MN already has them. Yeah I will protest, because this is the death of the primary game mode that has lasted for 10 years!
  4. RIP COD4 Softcore

    So, just before you decided to kill Softcore Xfire, I recorded this one game for old times sake. I guess there will be no more of this now. 221-38 knife only. Ps, it takes about 10 minutes to properly warm up tfn signing out.
  5. Every gun is capable now of instakilling without any chance to respond, even with jugga. I guess I'll have to start looking for alternatives. Mmm not in math, more in logic
  6. If you think i'll use stopping power and aim, you don't know enough about be to know how much i complain .. And even if I did, it wouldn't counter any of the points i've made.
  7. So, there is a myth that 'Hardcore', otherwise known as low TTK (time to kill) is the more skillfull game mode. You've recently changed the softcore servers which have massively lowered TTK, so forgive me while I explain why this is a bad thing and actually why softcore is the highest skill mode, and you should protect the traditional softcore servers. Imagine this. It takes 1 shot to kill. Player A averages 3 shots in every 10 on target. Player B averages 10 shots in every 10 on target. They both take the same time to start shooting. In this scenario, on average, player A has a 50% chance to win 30% of the time, only depending on who the server thought shot first. But lets say that now, it takes 100 shots to kill. In this scenario the better player, B, will win every time because there is no way, barring divine intervention, for a person who averages 3 in 10 to beat the person who averages 10 in 10, to 100. Noobs love hardcore, and this is why; time to kill/number of shots is like a sample size, and lower sample size increases anomalous results while greater size gets rid of them. Low TTK is a plague on modern FPS which pander to noobs under pretense of being "hardcore" or "realistic". Secondarily, noobs also love hardcore because the game is won on strategy rather than skill, and strategy comes innately while skill is developed. If kills are instant, the best strategy is always to make sure you see the enemy before they see you, so you camp in a corner and you wait for the victim to cross your path. Movement skills (which are most important to me) are neutralised because no matter how fast you are or how unpredictable you can be, when the threshold for lethal damage is so low and there are so many players, it just cannot be avoided. All movement skill, creativity, timing, anticipation, can be neutralised just by camping. You had the only decent softcore servers and now they are not true softcore servers, so now there are no decent softcore servers in the whole of 1.0, atleast. I don't know what you've done to the damage models but AKs are shooting like automatic, 30 round Barrets, silenced MP5s are shooting like AKs and 15 round hand guns are shooting like Deagles. It is ruining the game because the fine balance which has seen COD4 good for a decade has gone. You might have more players now because it all favours noobs, but ultimately this is bad for the game to not have any true softcore servers any more. Please consider changing back. And while you are at it, that drone missile thing is horrible. It takes much more time than it is worth and stops your entire flow dead. You're in the enemy base and want to take 2 seconds to order and airstrike but no, its a drone, it takes 10 seconds, at most you'll get 2 kills when you could've got more just playing normally in the same time, and then when it is done there is 5 people around you and you die instantly. Just delete it. Don't try to fix what isn't broken.
  8. Final Poll for the keepers

    Softcore Crossfire and Softcore all maps. I don't care about the rest. Presently... HighJump, Knife only, Desert Eagle only, Crossfire Night, HQ All Maps HC RPG only .... have 0 players. So these are the ones to get rid of.
  9. Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, DW
  10. It's me...))

    Sup Uzbek. Me and you go back to BBF days. I know you already know me, but you might also know my oldest names, iKNIFE and Andy McStab
  11. Why can't we even have one stun or flash? Without any it is impossible to temporarily suppress a group of enemies,which makes passing the front line and getting behind the enemy much more difficult, as well as reducing the skill ceiling bc stuns can be used very skilfully and creatively, unlike smoke, because smoke takes too long to throw. Other than silently ban these, what else have you done? I feel that extreme conditioning and juggernaut have also been silently banned. Does UAV jammer still work? These things are very hard to test, so it would be nice to be able to check somewhere what you are doing and the reasoning behind it. Please can you make a complete list of what perks have been disabled/banned on this server. Thanks