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  1. Hey Mahi Vai Brother !! ;)

    1. mahi0361


      xD yesh vai brother!!!! osthir gorom xD 

    2. ROnNiE
  2. Introduction - Trauma

    Bad boy @MONGCHAW
  3. Mahi ZTSO

  4. Black Ops 4 TEASER TRAILER

    am also bro
  5. Fortnite :0

  6. -=DW=-  will be more better if we had less people with spaming racist and offensive stuff in chat

  7. call of duty 4 Stats K/D/H graph

    Thanks now I can see my stats easily
  8. Why am I not applying for ATS.?

    Just say that you fail boi and you wanna pass....
  9. forum The problems of the past week

    Glad its fixed kev
  10. Hello there

    welcome to the forums
  11. Mahi ZTSO

    thanks everyone
  12. Mahi ZTSO

    Hi guys my name is Mahi you guys know me as mahi0361 i am a close friend of @MONGCHAW we've been friends for 4 years. we both live in the Dhaka and go to the same school, My house and his house is just about 15 min walk. we have a youtube channel named Evolym Youth. MONGCHAWs brother LIL MONGCHAW , me and another guy named Rinvi and Apurba we five friends are the evloym youth. the link is plz subcribe and enjoy.
  13. When u get flashed.

    i thought it was me but i saw that it was the single player. haha
  14. I got failed in physics. All credits goes to DW. Thnak you DW!!!



      why u failed ushould have asked us for help you are in part of family we will do anything to help


    2. mahi0361


      You didnt get it, what  I'm tryna say. XD



      no prob you just failed on 1 sub im just styaying at the same