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  1. eXp||Space

    forum Discord

    i just killed Goodnight when you took screenshot
  2. eXp||Space

    Music Arena

  3. eXp||Space

    proper intro ;D

    ow yea i am gonna say sry for calling the position of players sometimes it's cause i was probaly anyoing then :S
  4. eXp||Space

    proper intro ;D

  5. my suggestion is to get a knife round in the promod server for maybe a little warm upif it is goona come pls tell me cause it will be fun when lots of poeple are on
  6. eXp||Space

    proper intro ;D

    who am i? i am a call of duty player named Space Real name? Boris where do i live? Belgium that's why i have good ping ;p Why do i make this? cause the first intro i made didn't rly tell who i was so i made this one what do mostly play with? with a sniper with ak47 if all the snipers are taken how to contact? on discord and steam hope this intro is better then my old one :S Greating from Space P.S. eXp isn't a clan
  7. eXp||Space

    Music chat suggestion

    For discord a music chat could be usefull it will prevent the spam of play in the main chat just to let you know much fun rekking from Space
  8. eXp||Space

    For all the awsome people out there

    well they only play 1.8 and it's boring there
  9. eXp||Space

    My self

    ty everyone what a honor
  10. @Goodnight: You are a nice person you can sing good i was suprised(nub hacks and makes me cry) @eXe: you A excellent player (probaly uses wallhack so i get mad at him and is master in spraying walls with a sniper Rana never seen you play before so i'l just say i can see you are a nice person sry for the people i didn't mention probaly cause i don't remmeber your name i hope i can get some good support cause this community is better then the one from MN PS MN bans you if you leave there clan. Much luck from Space
  11. eXp||Space

    favorite food?

    mine is pizza Hawaii and if someone likes Belgium chocolate reply cause it's the best
  12. eXp||Space

    i hate headglitchers

    If i get killed by a headglitcher i'l probaly be angry and mybe rage quit P.S. if i get killed by GoodNight I cry ( now happy Goodnight?)
  13. eXp||Space

    My self

  14. eXp||Space

    From space to idk

    This is just a random topic i don't realy know where to tralk about so GoodNight the best so is RaNa And eXe has Wallhack ;p
  15. eXp||Space

    My self

    hi, i am space a good cod4 player and i am from belgium i play cod 4 alot so don't mind me if i kill you P.S. Goodnight snings in Promod and RaNa is a good person and fun to talk with