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  1. Hey there! I need your help Can you like my facebook page? Link Thanks Hola! Necesito tu ayuda Puedes darle me gusta a mi página de facebook? Link Gracias
  2. Hey all! You know, I'm the great Gray ---------------------------------- ENGLISH------------------------------------------------------ Well, I made this topic for two reasons: Tell you that now I'm playing this games: Battalion 1944, Fortnite, FIFA 19, League of Legends and, obviously, CoD4. If you wanna play with me send me a PM. Then, tell to you guys, that I'm joining the streaming world in Twitch and if you can support me with your follow or subscription it can be amazing. I'm doing streams about the games that I listed in the last point and broadcasting soccer games and movies. Finally, I will upload my own music or covers (with videos). I believe in your kindness and support, I know that you have a great heart. Here is my Twitch channel link: https://twitch.tv/graysnovv I'll waiting for you, hugs. ---------------------------------- ESPAÑOL ------------------------------------------------------ Bueno, hice esta publicación por dos razones: Contarles que estoy jugando estos videojuegos: Battalion 1944, Fortnite, FIFA 19, League of Legends y, obviamente, CoD4. Si quieres jugar alguno de estos juegos conmigo mándame un mensaje privado. Decirles, que estoy entrando al mundo de las transmisiones en Twitch y si me pudieran apoyar con su "follow" o subscripción sería grandioso. Estoy transmitiendo sobre los juegos que listé en el punto anterior y también, partidos de fútbol y películas. Finalmente, estaré subiendo mi propia música o "covers" con video. Creo en su amabilidad y apoyo, sé que tienen un enorme corazón. ♥ Acá esta el link de mi canal de Twitch: https://twitch.tv/graysnovv Los espero, un abrazo.
  3. GraySnovv

    forum Donate

    @Kevin @DucK Can you give me the email of your Paypal account for send my donation? Because I can't sing up at the forum redirect link :/
  4. GraySnovv

    pls stop this!!!

    :D I did :P Just take care with your words here too
  5. GraySnovv

    forum Donate

    Where is the panel for donations, bro?
  6. GraySnovv

    pls stop this!!!

    Haha, oh Gosh! Now I have to write a great paragraph for you... First, your kick was for being camping and not playing for objetive... I don't know if you know that S&D it's for plant the bomb that you never pick up. Second, I have warned you once before kicking you, some people prefer that and not a second warn. Third, I made pokes for you before (the last map) and you stay camping in that map and the next one. Fourth, you have broken the rule 3, 4 and 8, when you start to saying things to me (not good wishes) and there you said: "This is why I hate DW sometimes", because you can't camp in S&D(?). Finally, you have to learn that not all the players have the time or patien for staying specting your camp, in my case I don't have both. YOU WERE IN ATTACK SIDE AND CAMPING WITHOUT AN INTENTION FOR PLANT. Btw, If you want to "humiliate" someone do it with a reason that is justified and no, I do not regret it. *I can't made SS for his agressive language that was why I warned him twice after the kick. :D Mani let him a new opportunity and then he continue with his ofenssive language.
  7. Which flag are you supporting in the World Cup? ;) :Top^^:

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    2. GraySnovv


      1. Spain

      2. Argentina

      3. Belgium

      4. Colombia




      yes spain cheers


    4. Vicky



  8. GraySnovv

    graysnow graysnow admin miss behave

    Opaaaa! First. I warned you because you wasn't defusing And that is against Rule 9, then I warned you for that Second. The screenshot is about a conversation with other player, not MZEE, and we was joking Like I make jokes with N!ght or Malfri. Btw, I'm a friendly admin And a lot of people know it. Finally. If you kill me congrats, you have luck Otherwise, I'm not going to warn or ban you for that. This game is for that... Kill and die. Gravvy
  9. Happy birthday to me! xD:Banana::oink:

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    2. [eYe]WoLfY


      Happy BD <3



      Happy birthday bro  i hope all ur wishes come true


    4. RaDio


      happy birthday 

  10. GraySnovv

    -=DW=- Don

  11. I have a dream... it's like get out of the friendzone, but it's get promoted xD:Banana:

    1. -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      lol sometime it happens xD

  12. GraySnovv


    @Fauji calm down, mate! You maybe need it before do any appeal...
  13. GraySnovv

    call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    Gray is in all the pics!
  14. GraySnovv

    Music Arena

    Cover made for me
  15. When are you going to play Battalion? I will add you ;)