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  1. Which flag are you supporting in the World Cup? ;) :Top^^:

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    2. GraySnovv


      1. Spain

      2. Argentina

      3. Belgium

      4. Colombia




      yes spain cheers


    4. Vicky



  2. GraySnovv

    graysnow graysnow admin miss behave

    Opaaaa! First. I warned you because you wasn't defusing And that is against Rule 9, then I warned you for that Second. The screenshot is about a conversation with other player, not MZEE, and we was joking Like I make jokes with N!ght or Malfri. Btw, I'm a friendly admin And a lot of people know it. Finally. If you kill me congrats, you have luck Otherwise, I'm not going to warn or ban you for that. This game is for that... Kill and die. Gravvy
  3. Happy birthday to me! xD:Banana::oink:

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    2. [eYe]WoLfY


      Happy BD <3



      Happy birthday bro  i hope all ur wishes come true


    4. wR RaDio

      wR RaDio

      happy birthday 

  4. GraySnovv

    -=DW=- Don

  5. I have a dream... it's like get out of the friendzone, but it's get promoted xD:Banana:

    1. -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      -=DW=-Cpt Wish

      lol sometime it happens xD

  6. GraySnovv


    @Fauji calm down, mate! You maybe need it before do any appeal...
  7. GraySnovv

    call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    Gray is in all the pics!
  8. GraySnovv

    Music Arena

    Cover made for me
  9. When are you going to play Battalion? I will add you ;)

  10. GraySnovv

    Peep se esta abusando del admin

    @Celso no puedes hacer glitch, eso es una regla. Si ves a cualquier administrador rompiendo las reglas puedes grabarlo y así, tener evidencia de los que dices, caso contrario no se tomará en cuenta tu post.
  11. GraySnovv

    abuse of power by gray snovv as adm

    Yeah, I have made the BR Here is a obviosly video Enjoy it
  12. GraySnovv

    abuse of power by gray snovv as adm

    Look at the warning with IMG 24105, he was offeding me... "gray you are shit" in english the text "gray por tu eres mierda"... Then, I make him a warn for abusive behavior, then he was accussing people of wh and kidding with the notices. The last one, he was doing glitches And I desactivated the other warn because I was recording him haha
  13. GraySnovv

    abuse of power by gray snovv as adm

    @IAV4K I have the proof I just have to upload the video at YouTube Just wait a little