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    MP5 M82 50.cal Dragunov R700 AK-47 and some more
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    i forgot the others sorry

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  1. Madness

    Life of Madness

    I will upload random things from my Funny and stupid life here.
  2. Madness

    My Back ground

    Hey Malfri! I played this game for 10 years from now! (iam still not a pro but maybe one day) so theres a chance u know me : D !
  3. Madness

    Random cod 4 stuff

    if u click here i dont have to write a description.
  4. Madness

    My Back ground

    Iam a Base defense guy (u call me camper ) i play on the Dw servers for a half year now and i think these servers are the best! My real name is Patrik ........ but u can call me Mad . iam 17 years old and i mostly intrested at UH-1 Hueys Fallout New vegas and other stuff. I Live in Hungary Eger. If u ever come here check out the Valley Szépasszony! U can get the finest Wines there! i hope i can wear the Dw clan tag soon . My name came from here hope you enjoy it!
  5. Madness

    Cod 4 random stuff

    you will see it if u click here