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  1. blade runner

    call of duty 4 e594a472

    In-Game name when banned: ^6love doctor Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): e594a472 Server: zombie Ban Length/Time Remaining: Why should you be unbanned: i was banned for no reason, b3 gave me 3rd false warning , i wasnt even chatting... :/
  2. blade runner


    you cant "force" an 8yo not to camp unless u use a timer. but u can make it really hard for them but if speck any random game, you will see most aiming at one door etc.... on dw sniper server they had auto holdbreath and they lied down and aimed at a door or took baret and sprayed all over... my idea for sniper server is ONLY bolt, no pistol no weapon upgrades, only m4 or r700, HC, physical condition or deep impact for obvious reasons, no steady aim for more obvious reasons, no iron lungs or auto-holdbreath to make hardscope harder, sleight of hand maybe, but for sure no jugger, no uav jammer so people cant hide out during the game. (and allow the noobs to camp all they want). dead silence might be interesting. anyway you get the idea and if he let us choose colour would be nice
  3. blade runner


    idc for new maps, id like to be able to play without worrying some guys aiming at a door for 25 minutes spraykill me
  4. blade runner


    these 2 could replace ffa which is in fact spawncamp and spawnkill, and SnD where u either know ALL the spots campers hide or u lose imo give the rest of the players who dont camp the entire game a chance to play and thats the reason i think crossfire is so popular-they spawn and they immidiately camp and fire at the other spawn...
  5. blade runner


    we need a all maps HC , and a sniper server tyvm