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  1. Just a suggestion and I can post this in your suggestion forum if you want but why dont you get the admins to use RCON when B3 goes down which lately is quite alot.

    Its not hard for the admins to learn plus you get to kick and ban. I think you can restrict certain functions on RCON like restart server if you want to keep in control of that.

    Thing is when B3 is down the servers get flooded with hackers.


    1. IAV4K


      Thanks for the suggestion 

      Most of our admins don't know how to use rcon and rcon sometimes crashes the servers ...because if cmd floods and rcon is more buggy than b3

      B3 should stay online for a while but the game is like 1000 years old so sometimes b3 becomes buggy 

      Hope this answered your question ;)



    2. eXe


      And, the ban on rcon is buggy too

      Soemtimes the rcon ban file is deleted so they are really not banned anyway


  2. Munch

    call of duty 4 -=DW=- Servers manual connect

    Just out of curiosity why is the HC server still not showing up in the server list, its been 10 days .
  3. I would like to offer my translation ..... On the server there was a message to sign up can I join now. Fairly certain thats what he said.