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Call of Duty 4

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  1. call of duty 4 got banned ... WTF?

    Sorry i have forgotten to read the first so here i got the information: ingame name: FoTV | KaozZ GUID: d7f06e62 Server: dont know i guess every TDM server?! Length: tempban unban reason: so first of all i dont hack in ANY game...sry but i dont need to. Im playing this game since release. played some years in a clan where we made clanwars and stuff and so i just know how to play and where to go and how to aim. dont know what else to say. If you think im realy hacking than go and check it better instead of saying YEAH he is -.-
  2. Hey guys. i realy like your servers...except the not existing "no camp rule" but seriously i got banned for multi tool? or multi hack? IF you think i` m a low ass hacker than PLEASE show me where i was hacking...i NEVER used and hack or cheat shit i just have relatively good reactions...sorry for that -.- CHECK IT TWICE PLEASE