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  1. bro please tell me about my application you said recived and now forward to heah admin this process do not take time  so please


    answer me pls

    1. DaRealGhost


      Be patient... When its forwarded, it goes to @DoN and @IAV4K then they decide, and as they said, it has no limit of time which means that it can take up to 2+weeks... So be patient and wait.

    2. IAV4K


      What he said ;)


    3. Papa G//

      Papa G//

      i just worry about other accpect and not me that why i tell to you


      ok thx da real ghost

       its mean its still runing  


  2. Papa G//


    hi salam guys i cant update my stats in fourm i dont see any thing to post stats dont see any box that see in other wall
  3. Papa G//

    forum New panel

    same here
  4. Papa G//

    my intro :)

  5. Hi

    I love dw servers

  6. Papa G//

    call of duty 4 Auto ban dilemma

    U unban all but can u clear all warning b3 give me warning if you not please clear it Thx
  7. Without any reason. B3 gon mad
  8. He is right and when I play spooky there b3 give me fack command warning and ban other people so admin fix it ..
  9. Papa G//

    call of duty 4 Server down

    Now working I think
  10. Papa G//

    call of duty 4 server have map pack

    You join private server I think
  11. Papa G//

    call of duty 4 Server down

    Oh ho
  12. Papa G//

    need help ?

    I lost my password now what i do tell me eneyone please.............................
  13. Papa G//

    need help ?

    ok thanks bro love you
  14. Papa G//

    need help ?

    they ask me display name : password:
  15. Papa G//

    need help ?

    from e mail put e mail i place of password
  16. Papa G//

    need help ?

    mean sign in
  17. Papa G//

    need help ?

    pm mean
  18. Papa G//

    need help ?

    they said cheak ypur email within the next few minuter including any junk or spam folders
  19. Papa G//

    need help ?

    what mean of that
  20. Papa G//

    which team you support in fifa

    u said sudia
  21. Papa G//

    which team you support in fifa

  22. Papa G//

    which team you support in fifa

    only one
  23. Papa G//


    Hi all my name is ahmad and game name papa g// .I live in pakistan . I love cod and i am 17 year old