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  1. Rebel

    proper intro ;D

    welcome enjoy the stay
  2. Rebel

    call of duty 4 Server down

    @Kevin bro thanks for all the hardship you are going through bro i wish i could help but i'am just a student if i had a job i would have gave some amount of money ,
  3. Rebel

    Im Back

    welcome back
  4. thanks for the support guys  and thanks for making me a member 

  5. HKG36.jpg


    just love this gun G36C 


    another legend Gun in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare  the G3

    both German made ,I think:p

    1. KashanRaider


      man how did they turned  G36C into  a sniper in the white background  4th image  ... looks cool though

    2. Rebel


      its a good gun bro and i very much like reliable guns like the g36 and g3 they remind me of the durability of the ak47  but with more spec ops mods 

    3. KashanRaider


      the circular magazine in g36c white background  reminds me of lmgs 

      if assaults have larger mags they r better than SMGs 

  6. Rebel


    nice angle man .is this your photo ?? you look good bro
  7. Brazil!


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    2. KashanRaider


      @LyNx  u r choosing portugal cuz  it had ronaldo i wish messi   leads argentina to victory  

      it will b great if ronaldo faces messi 

      who will u guys vote?? messi  OR ronaldo  ??

    3. Rebel


      always my superstar Ronaldo the best 



      Well i like 3 teams




  8. Rebel


    welcome bro enjoy your stay here in dw servers and forms
  9. Rebel


    welcome bro enjoy your stay in our servers and the forms.
  10. Rebel

    All Maps

    Ok bro I don't know more than I currently know ,maybe the issue is with the server at this point I am not sure.
  11. Rebel

    All Maps

    bro did you changed your internet package some times when someone opt for unlimited downloading their connection speed is reduced by the isp ,maybe change the connection go to a friend's house and check if you can play with good ping , just a suggestion lol take care
  12. man that's the point we should be stressing on we all are kids not pros ,who all do it for fun in the afternoon after schools,collages. those who capitalize on the games are not good people and most dw members are good people with good heart filled with joy when people make donations to them for providing a free service for all online gamers. money involvement will cause the inflow of players to stop and dw will be in a coma .
  13. Rebel

    All Maps

    bro this comes down to the connection route of your isp(internet service provider) uses. My isp use fiber optics communications and my modem is connected to my pc using wifi both these are fast so even though i am all the way across the earth my ping is below 100 . So any thing slow in between you and the server can affect the communication speed . Or your isp is restricting you from using high speed internet ( normaly max 0.5 to 1 Gbps connection speed for local home users ) and speed depend upon your current internet plan. hope this helps bro take care.
  14. Rebel


    Welcome and enjoy your stay in our servers. knock them out tiger .
  15. Rebel

    Come Out With Ur Hands In The Air xD

    OR WHAT is it gonna be bananas ?
  16. Rebel

    All Maps

    ping is one issue but it can be overcame by just pure skill ! 1. the player may have low ping <20 or so but its not possible that he is a true pro gamer may be he can be just spraying you with bullets or grenade spamming. 2. many players I've seen on top of the leader boards have very high ping even upwards of 300 mS in non -=DW=- servers and above 80 mS in-=DW=- servers it all comes down to this SKILL and KNOWLEDGE (how to use a weapon ,perks ,explosives and even kill streaks )and just pure dumb luck!!
  17. Rebel

    My count has been banned

    just close the post he is not replying to the replies
  18. free for all - knife only match
  19. Rebel


    may be you typed !prestige and the server reset your lev and gave you prestige emblems
  20. any follow up with this topic admins ?
  21. I've been playing in this server for years now and started an account here in dw few months back through the course of my gaming in our dw servers . especially in hardcore crossfire i've noticed some players emptying an entire mag in to a spawn point and some have high prestige levels and when they are found to be guilty some get kicked by admins and some just say they are shooting a the wall or door for fun. Reason i'm starting this thread is to let the super admins know its a known issue experienced by all the players in our servers "MAY BE WE CAN IMPLEMENT SOME KIND OF SPAWN PROTECTION FOR 3 SECONDS OR LESS ,BECAUSE IN HARDCORE ONE HIT FROM SOME LONG RANGE GUNS LIKE LMGS AND SNIPER RIFLES IS ENOUGH TO DIE WHEN DEEP IMPACT PERK IS ACTIVE " I admins will do the needful .
  22. Rebel


    welcome bro enjoy your stay in our servers
  23. i wouldn't be so bad to implement a spawn protection in hardcore servers
  24. Rebel

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    welcome to the forms and please enjoy your stay