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  1. That's what you get for switching to the enemy team! Lol!
  2. Trauma

    my intro :)

    Welcome @soapmactavish! Have fun in the forum! See you in-game!
  3. Trauma


    Welcome @Sraizo! Have fun here in the forums!
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  5. Trauma

    cyka blyat? :P

    I wasn’t sure if they were dancing or having seizures! Suka Blyat! I am forever grateful to you @Uzbek for teaching me such kind and useful russian phrase! Hahahaha!
  6. Trauma

    call of duty 4 Server down

    Thank you Kevin for letting us know. We will all wait patiently. No need for apologies since you already do and give so much for the servers. We appreciate everything that you do.
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    @Ne0205 Welcome to the forum!
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    My self

    @eXp||Space welcome!
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    @I'm Slow welcome to the DW Forums! Have fun!
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    @Zed Hey! Welcome!
  11. I vote nay to this for the following reasons. - I agree with @KashanRaider and @MetalUpYerAss that your suggestion is considered gambling. - Numerous players and DW members and admins alike are underage therefore they don’t have access to bank accounts and such. - $1 is indeed affordable but I don’t think I would be willing to pay that $1 every week to play the tournament. It is already enough that I bought the game so I can have my own cd-key. - Most of us including myself play COD to use an outlet from everyday stressors in life. If we start mixing money with cod, then I think this will bring us even more stress. - Hackers will definitely take advantage of this. Hackers alone are crazy, and if you mix in money with that? They’re going to be even more vicious. Even if let’s say that there will be admins to kick them out for hacking, they will still find a way.
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    @Nyghtwolf welcome!! Have a happy stay!
  13. Trauma

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Google Translate spoke French for me
  14. Trauma

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Bienvenue mon ami! i hope I said it right!
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    You’re scared of getting your butt kicked by a woman, aren’t you?
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    Hahahahaha You wish this was true!
  17. Trauma


    @pascal and @I'mMalfri —challenging @Uzbek on sniping? You guys don’t know what you’re getting yourself into lmao Is that supposed to be @pascal and @I'mMalfri on the pic?! how romantic hahahahahaha
  18. @Uzbek Wow it looks like the real thing! It’s very intricate and you paid great attention to details! I had to zoom in and and out to see if I’m looking at the replica or the real thing! Awesome job Uzbi!!!
  19. Trauma

    The admins need know other lenguage

    @KashanRaider True. Even for myself, English is only my second language too. @pascal You are spot on about the logic. If that was the case, every player in this community would have to learn every language of every player. Just doesn’t make sense. @MetalUpYerAss You are so right, we have players in the DW servers from across the globe. And we all have to face the fact that English is the unofficial universal language. I am not saying that non-english speaking players should only talk in english here, you can talk in your own language as much as you want. Just don’t request to require the community to speak spanish.
  20. Trauma

    The admins need know other lenguage

    There are a LOT of DW players here that do not speak english as their first language but they still communicate in English. Do all of them have perfect grammar and spelling? No. But at least they try and we all get along despite the language barrier. A lot of players use google translate. We all find a way to speak and understand each other. I hope you realize how unfair your request is that we would have to be required to speak spanish.
  21. Trauma

    xombies in normal servers!

    Ssshhhhhhhhh lmao!
  22. Trauma

    xombies in normal servers!

    I thought I told you to ask for $10 instead?!?!?
  23. Trauma

    Take Him Out xD

    Hell yeah! I don't think I will ever stop watching cartoons! Neeverrrrrrr!!!
  24. Trauma

    Your best high score.

    Awesome job as always uzb!! Yay I'm top two! LOL! and @Vicky at least I didn't get a warning on this screenshot! lmao!
  25. Trauma

    Take Him Out xD

    Cyborg and beast boy together are beyond funny!! I love Starfire and the way she talks!! She is so sweet but she goes crazy when she gets angry!!!