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  1. @Uzbek Wow it looks like the real thing! It’s very intricate and you paid great attention to details! I had to zoom in and and out to see if I’m looking at the replica or the real thing! Awesome job Uzbi!!!
  2. The admins need know other lenguage

    @KashanRaider True. Even for myself, English is only my second language too. @pascal You are spot on about the logic. If that was the case, every player in this community would have to learn every language of every player. Just doesn’t make sense. @MetalUpYerAss You are so right, we have players in the DW servers from across the globe. And we all have to face the fact that English is the unofficial universal language. I am not saying that non-english speaking players should only talk in english here, you can talk in your own language as much as you want. Just don’t request to require the community to speak spanish.
  3. The admins need know other lenguage

    There are a LOT of DW players here that do not speak english as their first language but they still communicate in English. Do all of them have perfect grammar and spelling? No. But at least they try and we all get along despite the language barrier. A lot of players use google translate. We all find a way to speak and understand each other. I hope you realize how unfair your request is that we would have to be required to speak spanish.
  4. Take Him Out xD

    Hell yeah! I don't think I will ever stop watching cartoons! Neeverrrrrrr!!!
  5. Your best high score.

    Awesome job as always uzb!! Yay I'm top two! LOL! and @Vicky at least I didn't get a warning on this screenshot! lmao!
  6. Take Him Out xD

    Cyborg and beast boy together are beyond funny!! I love Starfire and the way she talks!! She is so sweet but she goes crazy when she gets angry!!!
  7. Take Him Out xD

    Apparently so!!! omg I love Teen Titans!!!!
  8. Rookie Admin?!?!?!? :o: Congratulations on your promotion Uzbi!!!! :congratualtions:You absolutely deserve it!!! :yes::*:heart:

    1. Uzbek


      Thank you very much @Trauma:love:

    2. cute REAPER

      cute REAPER

      Congrats bro:heheSMIRK:

    3. Vicky


      congrats ma big bro


  9. Parcel post from Ukraine

    Yup, I understand . God bless your heart, 888 That was such a nice and generous thing to do. Faith in humanity restored
  10. Parcel post from Ukraine

    That is awesome! Such a nice gesture!!! Enjoy sniping and nuking with your new mouse uzbi!
  11. call of duty 4 B3 and other options

    I know you have the name Inside too, but I'm not entirely sure if that's really you. It could have been somebody else that used the alias in-game.
  12. Introduction

    Welcome, Tissue!!!
  13. Birthday <3

    @SpOoKy Happy Birthday my friend!!!
  14. Your best high score.

    @vicky hahahahahahaha I know!! That is exactly what I told @uzbek!!! I cursed because I was in awe of the nuke that I was witnessing!!! Lmao!!!!
  15. Your best high score.

    Holy nuke! lol! Nice one uzbi!