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  1. I'm using a translator since I'm Spanish I'm sorry but my question is, how do I get my name to be in color or what do I have to do?
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    2. piko


      This is what he wrote >SpD<Pato  it applies if you change the color of the name in the game.You need to open the console ,with the button located in front of 1 (\),and give the command   / name the desired name, and color (which is changed if you add a different number eg 1.2.3......).

      And if you think of the color name of the forum,to become green,you have to apply for membership,the instructions you have here



    3. IamNoobxd


      I do not get it :( the translator translates poorly and I can not understand

    4. piko





      Watch the video

      1) button to open the console

      2)big or small letter

      3)this button (^)

      Open the console with the button 1.

      Delete( \) ,write( /),. Separated  and wrote this sign(press button 2 and at the same time press button 3) so you get this sign (^),write a number (1,2,3,........)each number of different colors,and then the desired name.After enter and the color is changed.;)