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  1. Final Poll for the keepers

    ohh cool
  2. zombies

    what happens with zombie server now all saying f * ck and more bad words and there are hackers that does not affect the hacking in zombie but all wh or hack has to be banned and these guys know that there are no commands and only play zombie to not be banned ty for read <3
  3. Final Poll for the keepers

    @MONGCHAW why me im rokie
  4. Our future

    Game requirements?
  5. This Or That

    instagram or facebook
  6. Confusing Intro

    welcome back doge
  7. It's me...))

    welcome to the forum <3
  8. dF| kenz Intro

    welcome to the forum
  9. my intro

    welcome to the forum <3
  10. abuse towards the admins

    if it happens to everyone but I needed to say it because it really happens to me all the time whether they are in fuckin 'other they insult me and they say it all at the same time I do not see the names or they say it when they die and I'm still alive


  12. abuse towards the admins

    you say my work i know can warn but is in masse all accusation and i cant read all names
  13. both I and the other admins receive daily insults and accusations example you are a bulls ***, hacker noob you do not know how to do anything other than hack and do good and many more things besides what they want to say how to do your job and to ban anyone without evidence and first investigate most of these cases happens with Latinos who are the smallest players on the server I made this topic because the English-speaking admins never know what the Spaniards say and most of all because I'm tired of the fact that every time I kill someone else is telling me hacker and if it were I would be banned like many examples admiral and elite also that when I kill "rare form" is by the sound of the steps generally or because I had seen them happen in other rounds or in the same and more examples with bad words
  14. spanish-english

    for i need time to understand English better
  15. spanish-english

    i go school of english