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  1. kill cam

    is true all say wh when round end
  2. kill cam

    I have the doubt because there is no kill cam when the round ends as many people complain that there is no kill cam if it is possible to add it plss ty for read <3
  3. sorry for all

    I apologize for these days that in the game I was not admin since I reset and I changed the guid automatically And also I saw many people saying bad words and they never went to the goal and people complained because their teammates did nothing to win rounds and that, I got bad because they told me if I could do something and I could not really and another thing that does not matter so much that I lost level 30 of prestige 2 but that does not matter I can recover it not like people who knew they could not do anything if they said bad words they took advantage thanks for reading <3

    I PLAY PALADINS is good game
  5. For Those who need..

    si yo hablo español no hay problema
  6. S&D

  7. S&D

    can add the killcam when end round ? ty for read <3
  8. idea for prestige

    and when end prestige 2 ?
  9. idea for prestige

    np kevin , and i have the question i you are level 55 of prestige 1 you advance to prestige 2 ?
  10. New options and corrections.

    for killstreak in search & destroc kill 10 and more in one round or if you not dead can kill 5 in one and other 6 kills ?
  11. idea for prestige

    I have an idea if you can put a progress bar for prestige like when you are level one at the beginning of the game is just something that occurred to me Thank you for reading guys
  12. !fov

  13. airs

    hehe i lost 3 helicopter xD
  14. airs

    ah thank you just asked @IAV4K thank you for the news