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    think he means like HCF and CFN + ALL MAPS
  2. DaRealGhost


    @IAV4K what do you think of the spawn protection? Or you have any other ideas?
  3. DaRealGhost


    I personally would like to have a Sniper only server, but the idea of giving FFA or SND away ain't in my books, nor the HA or RA's books. Besides, knowing all kinds of spots gives you an advantage and will force the other player not to camp and that makes the game more fun and challenging. My suggestion for the spawn kills is that a +-5 sec spawn protection is added, tho it can be abused (like spawning behind enemy lines and is protected that gives you and great advantage to kill some and still not die) but yeah maybe between 2-5 sec spawn protection will help those spawn kills. Also you can make a alternative way to not get killed on spawn.... Or go Prone and crawl to safety or just run upon spawn to the nearest cover. Hope this help! DaRealGhost
  4. DaRealGhost

    game lost

    have you tried patching the game with 1.6 and 1.7? if not, go here and download this http://www.callofdutyview.net/downloads/ the 1.6 and 1.7 version, see if that helps...
  5. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 addition of maps

    http://www.callofdutyview.net/downloads/ here it is, first download and install the 1.6 version then 1.7... otherwise it wont work, and i post this if its right with @Kevin, if not feel free to remove.
  6. DaRealGhost

    forum New panel

    Thanks @Kevin, never expected all this tho, but Amazing work dude... You deserve the medal of Web Development of DW
  7. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 Ping Raise

    Ping is based on how far you are from the server aka hosters (this matter France) so enable to fix ping is to get closer to the server haha Well thats one way, other is to close any background applications (steam,etc) that will lower ping a little bit tho, try searching on YouTube for other ways...
  8. DaRealGhost


    Yeah, ur stats work thru B3, so when its down on the server you are on, ut won't update
  9. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 DW VS HAX VEDIO

    lol yeah, and the watermark of the editing program makes it hard
  10. DaRealGhost

    forum New panel

    Hi @Kevin I was wondering if you could add a feature where you can like access your profile on other devices, via a password you make on the device you have CoD4 on... So when I want to take a look at my stats on my phone, and/or edit my B3 image or whatever els there is... Kind regards DaRealGhost
  11. DaRealGhost

    check out mah bloody assisstance ! xD

    hahaha so u give out the "warning shots" to players and other finish them off
  12. DaRealGhost

    game lost

    uhm i think u can still play on our servers (-=DW=-FFA, all maps, etc...) as you are not banned on our servers... We will gladly help you with any help from our servers tho so if you still want to play, our servers are there
  13. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 The DW tag

    Hi @Kevin and other Red Admins, Recently I have been thinking of suggesting to edit the script that detects the -=DW=- tag, though some players uses the tag and B3 doesn't recognize it as our tag... Like for instance, when I played with fauji once he used the DW tag on a way B3 didn't recognize ( =DW= like mine)... Also when admins are not online, players wear the tag on purpose, then when I see that I ask then to remove the tag. Some do and others don't ( before i can notice them, they left the game and change nickname). Kind regards DaRealGhost
  14. DaRealGhost

    my sniper skills

    Bad? XD if so, u will get better if you keep trying lol, like today i got 156-32 sniper rush on CoD Ghosts lol...
  15. DaRealGhost

    DWWarrior Refuses to remove DW tag..

    In-Game Name: DWWarrior Client ID: (i see there are alot of DWWarriors in the player list, idk which one is which) But, here is the link to all those names... http://dwarea.com/players-list?s=DWWarrior&t=all {78544} This is the B3ID that EyE, Spooky and Uzbek kicked for wearing the DW tag, and I have notices this B3ID... Server: Promod Date & Time: 05:35 PM (south africa time) Reason & Proof: This Player has got a few verbal warnings from some admins and myself, after all that warnings he refuses to remove the DW part of his name... on the photo given, it is the player on the bottom that i am talking about...
  16. DaRealGhost

    too big to be notice

    Lier, I'm the pilot here recovered and rdy to steal the other jets lol
  17. DaRealGhost

    my intro :)

    Welcome to the forums mate, enjoy your stay! And also see you ingame
  18. DaRealGhost

    my sniper skills

    sniper or rusher? well my best was 108-52 with the sniper on all maps lol
  19. DaRealGhost

    my sniper skills

    Nice @Vickywas that a full match? Mine in like 5 min was 18-1 with the M40A3 sniper only lol
  20. DaRealGhost


    Hello @Sraizo, Welcome to the Forums, and Enjoy your stay!
  21. DaRealGhost


    And its a way to advertise -=DW=- to the public, ppl might start buying cod 4 to play with us
  22. DaRealGhost


    Well it will be grear to have a page, but im not as active as i was on fb, and like raider said we do have discord and im more active on there...
  23. DaRealGhost

    Fake commands issue?

    B3 also gave me a warn tho, it went crazy and fave out warn, my guess its the !discordauto command which bugged out
  24. DaRealGhost

    Fake commands issue?

    It does, my brother and i use the same key, so its same GUID and B3ID and it lets us both in...
  25. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 Auto ban dilemma

    Thx @Kevin,