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  1. DaRealGhost

    For all the awsome people out there

    He is exp|space lol
  2. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 New maps

    plus those maps is in the newer patch of the game (comes from the 1.6 patch) which will also mean that the map pack needs to recreated so it can fit with the needs of the 1.0 version. no offence its a good idea, just a lot of work to prepare it for the game...
  3. DaRealGhost

    New Forums Look

    Hi, Just want to say Good Job @Kevin for the new look and features of the Forums, It looks absolutely Amazing! And also thanks for all the hard work you put in to make the servers and forums look Great. Appreciate everything you do to make the players and forum users feel welcome. Stay AWESOME @Kevin! DaRealGhost.
  4. DaRealGhost

    Best rifle

    well i chose M21 bc its a sniper..... and i don't like the g3 so much
  5. DaRealGhost

    Im Back

    welcome back bro
  6. DaRealGhost

    my ninja defuse i tried a lot but finally i got it

    you can upload it to youtube lol... btw nice bro
  7. DaRealGhost

    HUN ' TR* ban report

    In-Game Name: HUN ' TR* (something like that) Client ID: idk (tried searching for it) Server: Crossfire Night Date & Time: 19 ‎June ‎2018, ‏‎05:50:12 PM (South Africa time) Reason & Proof: P.S one couldn't upload, so there is 11 photos now...
  8. DaRealGhost


    Welcome bud @BlueTiger Hope you enjoy your stay
  9. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    Well 64 bit is slightly faster than 32 bit, thats why most new games run on 64 bit
  10. DaRealGhost


    welcome @Zed hope you enjoy your stay
  11. DaRealGhost

    Question re: All Maps - Ammo

    yea there is a hack, usually in the "mod menu" like its on console too. but there is a mod that is a mod menu and there is unlimited ammo. Here is a link to a guy that did it on the 1.7-1.8 version of cod the unlimited is around 3.50-3.59
  12. DaRealGhost


    think he spams to apply for member, but he will be rejected in any way because of the spam
  13. yeah my parents too, an hour ago my dad watched some gameplay i made and said its like i dont use the guns right, but im playing like a "pro". so basiclly im a wanna be pro but yeah i dont care we gamers only live once so yeah why care
  14. DaRealGhost

    applications for adman ?

    haha, btw where do we apply for the rookie adminship
  15. DaRealGhost


    I did it trough console.... Failed but it worked by manual typing in the password