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  1. DaRealGhost


    Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay
  2. DaRealGhost

    Hiromi Chan wallhack

    Hi guys, In-Game Name: Hiromi Chan Client ID: 2227 Server: -=DW=-HardcoreCrosfire Date & Time: 18/10/2018 around 17:30 Reason & Proof: P.S. sorry for any lag, tried to take out as much as i could, and also it shows clear wh even with the lag.. Also sorry for the low quality of the videos, ill sort that out for the next records
  3. DaRealGhost


    Not after some days.... you have to gain trust and there for there are some guidelines, just like applying for membership.
  4. DaRealGhost

    Today i try black ops 4 first day of it..

    Wow i am late bit still, no matter which game you play u still make them wish they never bought the game :P
  5. DaRealGhost

    Hello Warriors

  6. DaRealGhost

    Happy Birtday buddy!

    Hey guys, Join me in wishing @GOODNIGHT a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday buddy! Have a awesome and full of blessings and excitement day and enjoy your first day of 14 years old!
  7. DaRealGhost

    i'm here again.

    Welcome back
  8. DaRealGhost

    Game crash

    Or you can search the web for one, I'll also search when i get back from school
  9. DaRealGhost

    Game crash

    Probably reinstall, just backup your players folder and any other usefull folder (eg. Mods, etc...)
  10. DaRealGhost

    Game crash

    You will need to get a new map or reinstall ur game
  11. DaRealGhost

    Game crash

    What does it say? If it is something about "image not found" then the map is coruppted
  12. DaRealGhost

    Slow frame rate

    Ill check for solutions, just make a new topiv with some screenshots of your problems
  13. DaRealGhost

    SnD No More ?

    Snd is more competitive... i am also missing snd just like you meta. Mis jou skorpion met n silincer :P
  14. Guys, i think the best way to get over this is to copy your mpdata file and then reinstall thegame, after that just copy the mp data back and also keep your cd key
  15. I had to reinstall my cfg from 1.7 Inorder to fix that thing of the up and down