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  1. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    haha yeah, high pings on most of the servers. Tbh tho the DW servers are the lowest ping i have on ANY servers Hope it stays the same for all of us
  2. DaRealGhost

    call of duty 4 New host new IP

    Nice @Kevin, will be looking forward to play on the new servers! Can the RA make another add (like the one "Want to wear the tag?") with the message "Alert! We are changing IP's, be sure to check out www.dwarea.com for more info." or something like that. Would alert more players that aint on the Forums.
  3. DaRealGhost

    COD Montage - DoN The Ninja

    Nice one dude, made me laugh alot :P and nice glitch at 3:55 jk the idea of ninja counts no matter what
  4. DaRealGhost

    Wtf Admin !

    First ask them if they can use sniper... they dont want to, then kick them bc they dont want to??? In COD you can play with what you want to, and they dont have to be forced to play with what YOU want them to play. So next time STOP kicking players that refuses to do what YOU say. I can get more screenshots if you want it @IAV4K.
  5. DaRealGhost

    Wtf Admin !

    I think he is abusing the Admin Powers... Without a GOOD explanation, I think his Adminship must be removed... Sorry @Marciano. but Rules are Rules
  6. DaRealGhost

    Please remove super mod powers

    Any RA have a idea then? I am out of ideas about what the cause of this is... i still think its something to do with the VPN
  7. DaRealGhost

    Wtf Admin !

    yes plus he "cheated" the system, due no warnings was given...
  8. DaRealGhost

    Please remove super mod powers

    Like i said, i dont recognize any of those names as a member of -=DW=- Are you using VPN? If so, disable the VPN, B3 detects it and then kicks them...
  9. DaRealGhost

    Please remove super mod powers

    I just checked, and see no bans at your profile... any idea what is happening @IAV4K, @eXe and other admins?
  10. DaRealGhost

    Please remove super mod powers

    thanks ill check who it was, and tell HA and RA too keep an eye out
  11. DaRealGhost


    Welcome @||JC||VIPER Hope you enjoy ur stay here and see you in game! Btw my Name in the game is -=DW=-Ghost
  12. DaRealGhost

    Please remove super mod powers

    can you give us your guid, so i can check who banned you? and i dont recognize any of those names as admins... Delnorte aint a member or admin, so it cant be him, still he refuses to remove tag...
  13. DaRealGhost

    Happy birthday

    thanks all, appreciate all the Birthday wishes
  14. DaRealGhost

    New tattoo <3

    yo dude, nice tattoos.. you have the guts to have those tattoos, i wont survive one tho
  15. DaRealGhost

    Happy birthday

    thanks @GhostReaper