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  1. call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    Dear Admins, In-Game name when banned: M3TA Your GUID (e.g. f26ee699): f05051ca Server: -=DW=- Crossfire Night 24/7 By WWW.DWAREA.COM, Ban Length/Time Remaining: I dont know the time remaining, i was banned 2 days ago and still can't get in Why should you be unbanned: First of all, i dont know the nature of me being banned from server, I just exited the server to create a class and when i returned back i see the black screen saying i am banned, still dont know the reason, If for any reason i am banned i appologise. I might have been banned for bad words, i was just speaking in my native language with my friend and i guess B3 recognised some words as profanity by accident. I belive i should be unbanned because i am a big fan of your server, i know many people that i enjoy playing with and your servers provide me with best connectivity and makes call of duty worth playing. Thank you! Please consider this appeal, T3aSp00n
  2. Player abuse

    I tryed to but when i paste it in paint, it is all black
  3. Player abuse

    I also think its him but many people started using his quotes
  4. Player abuse

    I am regular player on Crossfire Night. There are 2 regular players that show abusive behaviour towards other players- KOMA, Forest. Now we all players get angry in the heat of a game and its normal, but this two are constantly whining like little girls. KOMA says things like mother fuc you and other whiny kid stuff, Forest calls people idiots and so on. Its ok to be angry sometimes but they are really annoying... I am wondering what is about notices i give? Is it worth noticing players for such behaviour?