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  1. +*C4m!LL3*+

    call of duty 4 Server down

    OK! Thank you for the information @Kevin. We can wait 24 hours No problem! One Shot One Kill ! :()
  2. Hello please help me, why when i go in S&D, he say : the server have map pack, please download it in dwarea.com +*C4m!LL3*+ THX FOR HELP!
  3. Hello all ! I love your servers ! They are the bests servers in COD4 ! J besides, you make everything so that the players love the game (and the servers) and feel good! You are the best DW! It has been 3 years since I play in your servers! And I have many friends now ! I want to thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much and see you next timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! +*C4m!LL3*+
  4. +*C4m!LL3*+

    INTRO : +*C4m!LL3*+

    Thank you vickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5. Hello! Approximately one week ago later, I posted a topic which spoke bugs of white smokes and you asked me to post some photos. Thank you very much and see you next time The photos :
  6. +*C4m!LL3*+

    call of duty 4 Can't ded and can't fire

    Ok! Thank you very much!
  7. +*C4m!LL3*+

    Amazing score in s&d

    Yes, maybe!
  8. +*C4m!LL3*+

    Amazing score in s&d

    @eXe Yes! you are very very x100 STRONG!!!
  9. Hello, I noticed bugs in servers (i don’t know if it’s the server or it’s COD4). Some people can’t die and can’t fire. It gene so certain players. Thank you very much ! Thank you and see you next time! +*C4m!LL3*+
  10. +*C4m!LL3*+

    Amazing score in s&d

    Thak you very much spooky: @SpOoKy
  11. +*C4m!LL3*+

    Amazing score in s&d

    Yes bro, i know that Meow is eXe but he is very strong!
  12. Hi all, i’m here to upload pictures ! I never saw This score !!!! It’s Meow ! I was in DW S&D and I saw Meow and i saw his score!!!!!!!! WAAAAW
  13. +*C4m!LL3*+

    call of duty 4 WHITE SMOKE

    Hi ! I notice bugs in DW servers. I don’t know why, but there are white smokes in the map and when we pass above, we bug and our fps comes down (falls) very much, then, if we go away, we don’t bug and our fps goes back up(raises). It annoys certain players. Thank you very much ! Thank you so much and see you next time!! +*C4m!LL3*+
  14. Hello! I post a video for you !! We can see this video here : KNIFE VS SNIPER! Hardcore_battle_SNIPER_VS_KNIFE_in_COD4_map__crossfire.mp4  <------------click here!
  15. +*C4m!LL3*+

    call of duty 4 WHEN B3 is down

    OK! Thank you very much, I will do it!