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  1. PaRuSch

    ban appeal

    Please follow the rules of creating a ban appeal: Also stop spamming topics. Make one with the proper layout and wait for admins to help you. If it's late in the night you can't really expect to have an admin to help you ( they are humans as well and have lives)
  2. PaRuSch

    Cheating/Hacking accusations

    Just me getting a lil nuke on DW|Crossfire earlier today. This time in good quality and full hd.
  3. PaRuSch


    This was in a matter of 5 minutes. Like he seriously needs to stop. It's completely unnecessary to use stats after each death.
  4. PaRuSch

    Cheating/Hacking accusations

    And a third one, just for good manners.
  5. PaRuSch

    Cheating/Hacking accusations

    Like I've said I also wanted to show myself playing (with actually playing the game and not watching a demo). As you can see my connection sometimes is bad since I have to use Wifi to play (which is generally a really bad idea). I mainly made the videos to show that I am still not using hacks (and never was/will).
  6. So, I thought I'd make a little post since people are still believing I am cheating. I can totally understand when others think I am cheating. I know that it looks fishy and weird. That's why I made this little video. It's sadly just a demo which I recorded, maybe next time I will record it directly while I am playing. Just wanted to show my own point of view when playing the game. I also have to say that I use barely any sound. I am running snd_volume at like 0.2 and listen to music while playing. So am I hearing the players? No. Not at all tbh. I know all the angles to shoot from places to usual spots. I have around 20000+ hours in Crossfire (probably way more). I know a lot about this game, especially in movement (thus the 250 fps locked FPS for further diagonal strafe jumps). If you are somewhat experienced you should know what I am talking about. My aim is considerable good, just playing on a really small mouse pad with higher DPI, but works fine for me, at least in CoD4. I don't really know why people always have to call me out. It's so bothering always having to worry about being banned or kicked (happens quite often if you are unknown to clans). For "newer" people (the game is quite old so I don't think there are people just picking up the game): Consistency is one of the most important aspects of CoD4. To know how to move and jump is the first thing you should learn. Aiming is just a small proportion of the game knowledge you can acquire playing on jumping maps (JumpersHeaven mod is quite nice, but it's 1.7), playing death run or other stuff. If you have any questions about me, how I play, about the game or anything else, feel free to ask! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8d56IMmg8s (Sorry for the bad video quality and the weird resolution, I am playing 16:10 and had to convert the video down from 3 GB to about 800 MB)
  7. PaRuSch


    You are not close to having as much hours of this game as others. So please if you talk about something like ingame sounds, hearing people or wallbanging, consider that there are spots you usually just shoot at because an enemy could be there. I even can roughly guess how fast someone will go and where he will end up behind the wall. That's what experience in this game will bring you. On a related note: Stop cursing if you really want something to change/happen. No one will EVER take you serious if you are just crying without bringing any arguments, and explaining what they are really about. If you had a bad day, I can totally understand that but please, don't just swear and rage. You'll get nothing out of it. I don't know what happened or how you got in this situation (mostly because instead of telling us you just flamed eXe) so I can't judge who's right. About using "Ghost" names (using a fake name so people won't recognize you): It's pretty common, as an admin you get the feel of the people on the server and usually the people are acting "normally" around you, instead of holding bad words or other things back, to not be banned. So get used to that, I did that all the time when I had a clan just to check people and play without getting annoyed by others, asking me to ban people. Tl;Dr: Chill for a bit, think about what happened and what you could've done differently (like playing wise), then come back and talk with some respect towards others. I know this is the internet but what you just did is kinda too much.