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  1. DoN

    DW Mascot!

    I like anything with big boobs. But i really dont understand the anime language.
  2. DoN

    DW Mascot!

    Can you make her boobs a little bit bigger?
  3. DoN

    333tr be

    Coz 7TAWI was ban evading using the same guid
  4. DoN

    333tr be

    http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=6520 http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=70739 how u say these two accounts are be?
  5. DoN

    call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    As IAV4K said. We take boobs seriously. BooBs appeal denied
  6. DoN

    DWWarrior Refuses to remove DW tag..

    In this case, i do not see DWWarrior is wearing any tag. I see only two letters included in his name. If he is wearing the DW atleast as DW-Warrior, we can say he is wearing the tag. I think this is a result of the bug happend little while ago in zombie servers which includes DW in everyone of thair names. I think he is not doing this on purpose. Their are some people doesnt understand english or some doesnt know what happened arround them. I think this player is one of them. So my opinion is lets not hit him as long as he is not wearing the DW as a tag on purpose. And i agree with ninja. If someone has thair tag as DW they has to remove it in our DW servers.
  7. DoN

    my intro :)

    Welcome to the forum mate
  8. DoN

    call of duty 4 Auto ban dilemma

    All fixed. Nothing to worry. No one banned.
  9. DoN


    Welcome back Doki.. nice animation
  10. can explain what u need with more detail pls
  11. DoN

    Help on skins

    Im sorry mate. I dont use any skin(( i like the game as it is))
  12. DoN

    2 for 1 bullet

    My best is none for one magazine
  13. DoN


    @GARYYY you are unbanned..
  14. DoN

    don I want to join this Clan

    @Dileeparead this and follow steps
  15. DoN

    Help Me

    give us your guid pls..
  16. DoN

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Wow looks like everyone speak french exept me. Welcome to the forum. cod4 > all games
  17. Good luck with your exams. Take your time
  18. DoN


    Welcome to the forum JP
  19. DoN

    When your ping is too high

    Im sure it was drunk
  20. DoN


    Spam notices = 01 day Temp ban But it must be done by an admin. maybe there was no admin at that moment. But he will be punished if he continue it in admin presence.
  21. DoN


    Welcome to the forum agustin can i know where u from?
  22. DoN

    applications for adman ?

    Or you can follow these steps; - become member http://dwarea.com/forum/27-join-our-clan/ - post 10 sucessful ban request and keep good behavior in forum and servers - apply for the rookie adminship
  23. DoN

    applications for adman ?

    If there is anyone else who wanna be adman, just raise your hand..
  24. DoN

    New Rule ?

    Ya i know what u meant in it. But sometimes rule cannot do everything u know. Some of my friends have done the same to me. when they do it, i take it for fun and make a joke or do something same for them. Sometimes it annoying but what we have to keep remember is, Its just a game u know, dont take it much seriously. Lets Enjoy it.