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  1. ~Tme for truths~

    @pascal mate. just calm down.. no one think you are hacking. if we think that, maybe you already banned. i have seen you play and i am sure u are not hacking
  2. Hell of a week.. this changed my life a lot.. lets face what comes next.. life is one damn challenge.. meeting and leaving people for good or bad is the hardest thing i ever faced.. better not meet new people in future.. :hmmm:

    1. piko


      My friend Can not go wrong all the time,must go for better :d And as for new people ... you might be right....

  3. hello!

    welcome to the forum ))
  4. @MetalUpYerAssnewb my best was 0/10 and it was not only once
  5. I am really disappointed on you @akiyo cz, i am not in ur collection.. damn i could have call u wh u really collected those? omg that was so amazing..
  6. HELLO

    Welcome Mate hope u enjoy stay ..
  7. forum Forum options (Games)

    Wow mate.. looks like you are on hard working.. we are here if you want anything from us
  8. Hey guys, I made a little video of how to make a Ban appeal correctly.. Hope you guys find it useful.. Sorry for the bad English and the little video lag
  9. How To Make Ban Appeal

    @akiyo @eXe Follow me brodha i kno de wei to the queen.. Thanks eXe
  10. How To Make Ban Appeal

    This is not gonna help u MetalAss<3 thanks <3 i know its bad voice
  11. I'll hold you when things go wrong
    I'll be with you from dusk till dawn...

  12. Back 2 School

    Wish you good luck with your studies mate.. hope to see you in weekends
  13. Today is gonna be one of the saddest days of my life.. but this is the only way.. it is the hardest way..:((

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    2. DoN
    3. -=DW=-Mani


      it will be fine dude feel relax :)

    4. DoN


      Mani.. it will not.. :\ the day ended and it will remain dark in my entire life.. the emptiness will not be filled.. but it had to be done.. :((

  14. Hey new guy ^^ welcome)) I think we both have a thing in common..
  15. help!!

    Here ---->
  16. help!!

    Download the COD4 Player.. its easy to open Demos ^^
  17. This Or That

    Can i chose both? Friends with benifits Hiking or surfing?
  18. This Or That

    @IAV4K for sure ^^ Italy or France?
  19. Tag Bug

    hey guys, Is that a bug everyone wearing DW|Name tag? once a player said something like "the tag added to his name auto when he log" .. i guess its better check it before giving them warnings..
  20. Recoder

    bandicam <3
  21. My (2nd) Intro!

    Hey Fake Roman.. welcome back mate
  22. My Back ground

    Wolcome to the forum.. Hope you will enjoy your stay
  23. Tag Bug

    ok then no more warning..