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  1. bro i cant update my single stats in fourm:fiù:


    and cant see that box on my wall throught which stats update:hmmm:

    hope you help me:shiny:

  2. Vicky

    A big problem to me in forum.I cant see if anyone post topics or if anyone replied to my topics it not notifying me please say what to do 

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    2. DoN


      @Vicky i changed some preferences in your profile. Let me know if it helps..  

    3. Vicky
    4. Vicky


      @DoN i got notifications tnx a lot 

  3. DoN

    call of duty 4 ban due to "rule 8"

    Wait till the temp ban expired in 01day.. then do not type any offensive words.. thats all..
  4. DoN

    pls stop this!!!

    Ok first u boys have to calm down.. Then i have to tell you that u people are reguler players in our servers, so u dont have to wait for an admin to poke you for the objective. But i know its hard for the objective when you have 7-8 opponents alive, so i am in your side for that.. but i like to see if u have any proof of what you said in there? Coz we do not like to take actions on something someone say it happened.. anyway our staff will look in to this matter and let you know our decision..
  5. DoN


    welcome to the forum..
  6. DoN

    COD Montage - DoN The Ninja

    this includes many softwears and time with a lot of experiance.. its not somthing can do with one tute.. And i am too bad at making tutes
  7. DoN


    Helicopter is not activated in dw s&d server.. its only in TDM brodcast and killhouse is not available in v1.0. Its only in v1.7+
  8. Hellu everyone.. i recently had time to edit my another video, this time its a Ninja video.. as some of u like my first ninja video i decided to make my 02nd one.. hope you all enjoy it.. cheers..
  9. DoN

    something To Share With Youll

    B3 treats everyone equal..
  10. Dw servers are only in v1.0
  11. DoN

    to know the guide

    As you already know your b3id, Type search by the b3 id in the panel.. on planel client detail, you can find everything u want.. here is your client detail.. http://panel.dwarea.com/client.php?cid=79588
  12. Coz everytime a newbie user post somthing in the forum, i has to be approved by one of Head admins to prevent posting unwanted or harmful topics and spamming.. its only till you guys become regulers..
  13. DoN

    call of duty 4 DoN banned

    whaat again? Omg I am not banned anyway what we need is your guid or b3 id.. pls watch the video again and try to find your guid or b3id on the right top corner of the forum.. PLS DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE BAN APPEALS
  14. Read this topic, or watch the video and give us your GUID. we cannot help you without your guid..
  15. @PabloGIve us your guid pls. read this for more info: