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  1. New Zombie Server

    Look like the Zombie server is so perfect now
  2. New Zombie Server

    good server to have some fun..
  3. Badges

    nice work mate.. more bored - more inspirations.. Big+1
  4. I will be AFK

    @DAS wish to see you soon buddy
  5. How to get fps & fov

    Big time +1
  6. For Those who need..

    Thanks for applying my suggestion. hope this will be helpful for many players
  7. Hey guys, when i was playing yesterday, there were some players who only talk Spanish (some players cant talk English neither understand English) .. with all the recent changes in the server they are a little confused why they cant use !FPS & !FOV and what is !PRESTIGE. when they saw me, they started to ask questions all in Spanish. i understood a little what they mean and i tryed to help them by translating what i have to say. but once they ask something back i get lost, coz i cant completely understand Spanish ( i can understand a little coz i know some Italiano, and those both languages goes a little simmiler ) and i came up with a little suggestion to solve it.. i think its good if we display some of those auto generate massages in Spanish for a little while, till they understand what they have to do.. such as this massage : as soon as they understood what they have to do we can remove all those massages in other languages. most of those players play in the mid nights that none of our admins play in those servers. some of them are regular players and to keep them with us. that's why i came with this suggestion.. Thanks <3
  8. my intro <3

    @Zero :3 Welcome to the Forum.. i bet you will find a lot of friends here
  9. Mythical intro

    welcome to the forum.. hope u will enjoy ur stay
  10. UsmanMAni

    Welcome to the forum.. hope you will enjoy stay
  11. New options and corrections.

    Omg its time to play more TDM
  12. PIZZA

    Welcome to the forum mate.. hope u will enjoy the stay
  13. New options and corrections.

    This all new stuff for V1.0 cod4.. now i got to tell u that u are a genius mate.. this will make the game play much better and a lot of exciting . As we always say.. GOOD JOB @Kevin
  14. IDEA

    if someone is not using this forum, they can use it.. its easy to sign up and they will get more benefits..
  15. New Server (Promod)

    Promod is back..