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  1. daamn.. Orange is new Segria and eXe.. Congratzz
  2. Hi There!

    Welcome to the Forum ^^
  3. Don I want to rename my Name Unfortunately My names One alphabet is missing  E for my mistake. plz help me and make my name correct  in This format  ROnNiE. Thanks in advance  :Smilingblusheed:

  4. Nicole Kidman <3  :cute:

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    2. ZAIN


      ahahah then fight for ur love don with piko

    3. piko


      We are friends and brothers,and their brothers are not arguing about a woman. We'll arrange something. :d ;)

    4. ZAIN


      hahahah piko nice one

  5. Music Arena

    Forget the song and watch,
  6. Dude just No. No porn no life.. tell him to close the game.. not porn. Cmon have a life
  7. Pay more and buy fast internet is the only solution i know.
  8. call of duty 4 bannded

    @TAMER what is ur ingame name u were using when u get banned??
  9. no DW only CHEESE for now XD

    such a waste
  10. Introduction - Trauma

    Welcome to the forum @Trauma If you See a player called MetaPee, Just don't kill him. poor guy he try a lot to show he is a better player BUT,
  11. Hello there

    Welcome to the forum.. have fun.. cheers.
  12. Hellu

    Hellu and welcome
  13. Hello Everyone. After deliberately discussed within our staff we are here to announce that the member @.=DW=.Wolfy has demoted and dismissed from DW Membership. Here are his disqualifications : Making fake Ban requests to make his BR count up. (try to fool DW staff) Swearing in our Servers (Keep doing it even after our head admin warned him) Talking trash about DW and its admins. Lied on his member application. Force others to follow him and like his contents (dishonorable as a member) We are doing whats the best for DW and Its Members. If anyone else doing or try to do things like this, better think twice. Thanks. DW staff
  14. Thanks for everything Marciano

    Really? @LaMuerteHD thanks for your compliment about our admin. our admins are always ready to help you.. be free to ask anything.