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  1. I was wondering. Such maps as chinatown or broadcast. Why they are not included? I am sure it would be a nice change. Did you even consider including them into promod ?
  2. Hdin

    call of duty 4 Zombie - Voting

    Even if you need like 80-90% majority? If such a majority wants you to get kicked you actually deserve it, isn't it?
  3. Hello everyone, I've noticed, and I play zombie a lot, that a lot of people glitch. For example, as I'm writing, a player called STEVAN is glitching on a map COUNTDOWN. He went up on a building near a truck and is not willing to get down. There are many maps and many glitches on which you can easily glitch and it spoils the fun. Since there is rarely an admin present, I would like you to consider adding option of voting to kick. And that you need a huge majority of players (like 60-70%) to get the person kicked. It would definitely reduce amount of people glitching on servers. I don't think that by giving us option to kick other players you would give us too much power. Please, ponder on it. BR, Hdin
  4. Hdin

    call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Dear @Kevin, I commend you on this decision and implementing the vpn proxy blocking. I play only since few days on your servers and unfortunately, I have been affected by this decision, just like King Lion. I don't cheat, and although B3 shows me a plethora of names that I've allegedly used, I play only since few days, maybe a week now. I know I can't be trusted like King Lion, but is it possible to add my unblock my IP? I would really love to play on your servers. Best Regards, Hdin