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  1. Vixo2D

    Stats and unlocks reset.

    Hi everyone. Im pretty sure i'm not the first one with this problem but, for some reason, all my progress in the game (Level and unlocks) got reset. IO wanted to know if there was a solution to this and if there's any way to restore my progress. Thank you.
  2. Vixo2D


    Maybe windows is updating or something. I hate when Windows doesn't tell you when it's downloading an update.
  3. Vixo2D

    Sniper Only PLZ

    That would be cool.
  4. Vixo2D


    You should really suck to be killed 50 times lol
  5. Vixo2D

    im back

    Welcome back.
  6. Vixo2D

    call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Hi, I got blacklisted for some reason. My name is Nuklear and i'm not using any VPN. I've veen playing a lot during this month and i never had any problem. How can i solve this issue?