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  1. DW Servers under attack

    Like a DDoS attack?
  2. My Finger :'(

    Nothing can stop Malfri Hehe get well soon bro! By the way how did you manage to do so? (It looks like a big flesh wound, nothing to be very afraid of I mean).
  3. My (2nd) Intro!

    Hello everyone! I am Roman (taken from my old name "RomanEmpire" since I used to love reading about it), I used to be here, I joined this clan when it was called AR 51 at June 2016, and became an admin as well here, however due to reasons that occurred I left the membership/admin-ship. I was curious to see what the original clan where I met my friends, I felt nostalgic regardless of all that happened (Note: I don't hold personal grudges to anyone here ) I have recently been back to COD4 after 4 months of leaving it. I look forward to play with the old friends here and meet new friends here as well! Personal informations: I am from Lebanon from Byblos. I love Soccer and as well studying (don't ask ), I guess this is it! If you want to ask anything, then just go for it Regards, Roman.
  4. Make snd better!

    Heli will just ruin it..... Unless you shorten the time span with less health!
  5. Merry Christmas.

    Nice to see this Kevin Merry Christmas mate!
  6. This Or That

    Football (a.k.a soccer).
  7. : } haters

    I guess claiming DW steals CD-keys is less rude?
  8. : } haters

    I knew you were a hacker!