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  1. Police

    my intro :)

    Hey mate, welcome to the forums...
  2. Police


    Hey Sraizo! welcome to the forums....
  3. Police

    2 for 1 bullet

  4. Police

    Confest of me lying.

    Age doesn't matter buddy, goodnight is 3 years younger than you and look at him, now he's yellow By the way we always knew (most of us) you were 16 (You're account on A R 51 says age 15 last year )... You're an OG. (I have started playing COD since 2013, I was 10 as well. Lol. )
  5. Police

    cyka blyat? :P

    Какого черта? Это Является Suka не Cyka!
  6. Police

    My self

    Nice to meet you mate. Welcome.
  7. Police

    Im Back

    Welcome back buddy!
  8. How's mah hero doing? ;) 

    1. Heroic


      well enough

  9. Police


    Welcome, if you want to apply use GOODNIGHT's link. Enjoy your stay and have fun
  10. Police


    Hello buddy and welcome to the forums!
  11. Police


    Hello buddy welcome to DW !
  12. Aside from the flaws my king, It's gambling. Many people here can not gamble due to religious reasons - including me. Plus many didn't pay for the whole game just to pay also later to play at servers. That's why we choose PC over Console.
  13. Police

    call of duty 4 New Server FootBall 2018

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Good JOB! Why did I see this NOW?! Let the mondial BEGIN!
  14. Police

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    Hello mate and welcome to the forums!