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  1. Dura lex, sed lex.

  2. Legend's Topic

  3. What's ur in-game name?

    i haven't seen u :(

  4. GET WELL SOON !! Buddy  :Smilingblusheed:

    1. Police


      Thank you my buddy :heart: With you guys I will surely!!!!!! :heart: :cute:

    2. ROnNiE


      In Sha Allah ! :Smilingblusheed:

  5. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    My bad. I thought it was about a bomb where everyone just rushes to get it and plant it...
  6. call of duty 4 Server Idea

    Planting the bomb will almost be impossible with 30+ players, so people will rely on kills and this will turn into FFA #2....
  7. Hi There!

    Welcome to the forums!
  8. My Childhood Crush <3

    My childhood crush was ...... (my first COD game I ever played)
  9. Ok then stop downloading the 4k porn vid!
  10. Fps!!

    I believe he suffers from same problem like me, so when he types !fps it gives him that he should make an account on DW and the worse is that we already have an account at DW....
  11. Black Ops 4 TEASER TRAILER

    It looks like a modern COD game ... It is much better than fighting on planet Gliese 581 with normal recoil and gunshots .... Anyways I have some high hopes too ... Treyarch is my favourite COD development team much better than IW and Sledgehammer.
  12. Congrats <3 

  13. Introduction - Trauma

    Hello Trauma welcome to the forums! Have fun and enjoy your stay
  14. call of duty 4 A new server!

    Ok ....