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  1. Call of Duty : Black Ops 4

    I have tendency to love games based between WW1/WW2 and the modern times as well
  2. exe

    https://prnt.sc/jkalhw He warned you after spamming, but you didn't stop spamming. https://prnt.sc/jkamqn
  3. Call of Duty : Black Ops 4

    As someone who loves all cod games even the ones that were hated most by the community, I would play it. Yes. I just play for fun, I don't have to stay weeping all night about if cod will have free DLC or supply drops.
  4. forum New donation (piko)

    Thanks buddy! <3
  5. forum New donation (eXe)

    Thanks buddy! <3
  6. your hero is gone(resignation)

    My Hero ..... Buddy: Good luck in life, many people have to take a new step and open a new page of life, this is completely sensible. You gotta focus on life more too! May happiness be your friend, and stick with you. We'll miss you, make sure you stop by and play from time to time! Don't forget you have a chance to be back or delete this, as everyone can! If you are sad because you got demoted, it happens to many people, even Pascal got demoted and he was with us since 2015 ... It's not a reason to leave. I advise you to re-think of this Your guy.
  7. xombies in normal servers!

    My fault #2
  8. xombies in normal servers!

    My Fault
  9. xombies in normal servers!

    It's too easy ...... @888 taught it to me You basically climb any ladder, then go to options ....... *To be continued*
  10. cod4 Notice For Admins

    Probably was a glitch!
  11. Camping on S&D

    You were close enough! I die a lot at S&D because of camping and wall banging!
  12. Camping on S&D

    Exactly! And why do I die a lot?
  13. cod4 Why You Play CoD4?

    You're 37/36 then You started at 26/25