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  1. Liers

    Like i say when you report high lvl admin nothing will change because they will close topic in a second so other people cant see it and comment... He did right decision if you are saying this than sorry my friend you are dumb af or just likes to support high lvl admin because the whole team can prove that he warned me for being afk lmao everyone in my team can say that is true and than he banned me because u said ill report him and called him nab loool what a joke and dont talk about removing me from clan alright BECAUSE I LEFT CLAN 4-5MONTHS AGO AND I MADE A TOPIC ILL POST THIS TOPIC HERE SO YOU GUYS CAN FCKING UNDERSTAND THAT FOR ONCE... Oh i cant get that link dont have rights anymore anyway its in resigning section
  2. Liers

    Listen i didnt even war that tag than all admins were crying i need to wear it and told them and also send them link im not in clan anymore so dont nees to wear so they could easily remove it if theycdidnt like it
  3. Liers

    Listen i dont care of this i will not be quit just because they are hidh lvl admins every human being got rights to stand for him self
  4. Liers

    Why shall i say this to a kid that is abusive to me since he knows me ?? He banned me on rs server because he didnt like me rS'kshh told me to join rs server to check it out so we joines together that server than exe was there and some other rs members i typed hello than boom banned in second from that idiot he was always abusive on me also on dw said some bad words... When i became admin he didnt even say anything he was all the time quit now he is smart again because he is admin here so ill never say okey my mistake to him alright why should i apologize for being afk lol there are even more important things to do than ffkn gamming if he didnt like that i was afk than he should kick me alright and fkn warrning me for objective while afk in base behind the car
  5. Liers

    Metal wtf you talking about?? I went out 4months ago than krvin said alright but i will let you keep admin rights soo..

    listen you prick retarded nubish kid ExE or what the fk is your name dont even know it because you never play by your real name and everyone knows that you are exe but still not wearing TAG than crying when someone else doesnt wear it are you something special that you dont need to wear it or what?! This retard just fkn warned me for not playing objective while i was afk lmao when i came back was 3 vs me and had like 1min left to plant so i runned on the right to get a fkn bomb saw one guy killed him but all the time this nub exe was shooting on me over walls im sure he will say that was sound ofc hearing people over half map with silince perk right.... Than this idiot banned me saying im argue with him lmao i told him his a fkn nab and warned me while being afk lol..... Anyway this mental retarded idiot is abusive to me since i joined that fkn cod4 since i was in GsU clan and he in rS once i joined his server he simply banned me because he didnt like me lmao i remmber this shit i joined the game saw him and said hello than got banned in sec dfk... i never liked him and i will never like him because he is simply retarded no other word for him... I KNOW NOTHING WILL CHANGE WITH THAT REPORT BECAUSE OFC HE IS LVL 80 ADMIN WHY WOULD SOMEONE GIVE A FK FOR THIS SO DO I DONT GIVE A FK FOR THIS SHIT JUST WANT TO TELL PEOPLE HOW RETARDED HE IS AND ABUSIVE YOU FCKING NUBISH CUNT GO FK YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU AINT FK ANY OTHER GIRL... ye sorry for bad words but there is no other words that i can use for himm

    lmao the entire team can prove that i was afk in base lmao i just came back when it says soldier its all up to you now than i runned on the right to get bomb and than you shooted on me over wall i was at base afk lying on floor lmao
  8. call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    why are you playing 7vs5 ?
  9. Should take STEROIDS or not!?

    Yes i know but i will compete so this thing is good if you dont want to stand on the last spot
  10. hello guys i have one question should i take steroids or not?! and if yes what would you recommand
  11. Should take STEROIDS or not!?

    Well this are possible things that can happen but kot for sure but got chances to get thos side effect for sperm you got after cycle medicine which will bring it back at normal or atleast somewhere near normal
  12. Should take STEROIDS or not!?

    Well i am bodybuilding i am in physique division
  13. Should take STEROIDS or not!?

    Well i dont wanna live till 90 or smth like this belive me noone would want to if would know the truth i am on medecine school and i see this old people is hospital nursing homes etc. And this thing is insane i dont know how to explain it in english but the point is they suffer alot with huges pains so 70 is a good age to die
  14. Should take STEROIDS or not!?

    Thats not true mate that steroids smaller your dick thats the biggest lie that you can hear about steroids type it in youtube youll se steroids users taking about this everyone has said its a lie only your balls get smaller because they dont need to make testosteron that much the size of dik is same...
  15. Look who I found????

    gotcha yaaa im just joking!! hahahaha
  16. Look who I found????

    wtf where you get this picture! thats my cousin!!! what the hell man!!!!!!!
  17. YOUTUBE!!!

    lmao you know where does people get videos of david laid and other bodybuilders they record it i mean david laid record it than others make videos like i did lol
  18. YOUTUBE!!!

    Hello bros as you know i am making youtube videos of bodybuilding so click on the link check some videos and subcribes thank you for support and 50k views on video and 139new subscribers this month! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCin2HEb3mztdWZ4HB82C0TA
  19. YOUTUBE!!!

    alright if i did show me the exact video!
  20. YOUTUBE!!!

    i did not copy them lmao
  21. YOUTUBE!!!

    i did not copy them lmao
  22. Bring us back old times! We wanna play ww2 again with working b3 not like it was before b3 down all the time and thats why server got empty! Bring it back with b3 and add some new things on it!
  23. Wifi password :o

    Its good one right
  24. Wifi password :o

    So a guy recently asked me for my wifi password.So he want to have my password and he asked me nicely i answered GOD DAMN NOOOOOOO!!! He looked at me like he saw a ghost and said man i only asked you for a wifi password, you dont need to shout on me so he asked me again nicely and i answered again GOD DAMN NOOOOOOO!!! So the guy gave up. HIT LIKE IF YOU GET IT BOYSSSS!!!!