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Everything posted by [eYe]WoLfY

  1. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

  2. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all, I created this topic to challenge anyone. @Uzbek @LyNx @I'mMalfri @KashanRaider @GOODNIGHT Any1 cacn challenge any1
  3. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    Your choice but 1 on 1
  4. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    OPEN CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any1 who can think can beat me, challenge me @SpOoKy @GOODNIGHT @KashanRaider @LyNx @I'mMalfri any1
  5. New Rule ?

    Are fullbright binds allowed?
  6. thug laaaife... >.<

    U should have guessed it by cars logo
  7. Games

    WAT DA....
  8. Games

    I killed u 2 times and u killed me 1 time because I was CI
  9. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    It would be a pleasure to challenge all but now my hard disk is gone with my dad
  10. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    OK noob
  11. Games

    Goodnight is nothing more than a noob. The point is that @Uzbek is usually at one spot. Which makes it easier for others to see him. GN has mastered that area and whenever uzb pops up, he shoots and says he Is a pro. I have experienced his sniping and have killed him many times
  12. thug laaaife... >.<

  13. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

  14. Games

    HC CF
  15. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    Lets be friends u funny guy
  16. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    Hes scared of getting his ass kicked by a kid
  17. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    Who cant Also U urself can do it for yourself
  18. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yes!!! Last but not least. The condition for all is My connection should be good at that time
  19. Games

    1 on 1 or 1 on 2 anywhere and anytime
  20. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    Challenge Accepted!!! Conditions:- Sniper Only! 1 vs 1 Map of your choice.
  21. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

    I thought u were scared
  22. Challenge!!!!!!!!!

  23. Games

    I challenge to 1vs1 match on map of your choice
  24. Connection between accounts

  25. Games

    Mee too Boi mee too