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  1. Thanks

  2. We r kids n we play for fun. Not for Money. If DW needs donation then it asks but not forces. No Offense well if this happens, 1 player should practice very much and when they'll counter ppl like u ( who always camp -_-) they'll lose which results in lose of money. I agree with @Trauma @IAV4K @KashanRaider @Rebel that it IS gambling.
  3. All Maps

    I know.. I was just teasing him -_-
  4. Come Out With Ur Hands In The Air xD

  5. All Maps

    I have 1 ping . Is that helpful??
  6. Truce And Then Glitch

  7. hy

    Maybe you have joined LF servers. They will always mess your Profile up
  8. hy

    Wo assal me mera score bta rha he
  9. Truce And Then Glitch

    Anyways its a crime in DW
  10. #Facts 0.2

    I have COULROPHOBIA . "Fear of clowns."
  11. #Facts

  12. Ninja Montage

    If there is bad wording than sorry
  13. Notices

    Can I take a screenshot ?
  14. yo yo yo my brother its me pro sniper im following you

  15. HACKER season

    Pleasure catching 'em