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  1. Dear Admins and Owner of DW, Its my suggestion for the bright future of DW . We can earn the money without asking donation. I know its not easy, but we can try. My basic Idea is : At every Sunday , we will conduct a tournament at our server. For Participating the tournament we will charge some amount (may be very less like $1 per head which can be affordable). For example, if 5 members in each team. so there will be Two teams playing against each other. So number of members will be 10 and DW will have 10$ in hand before start of game. The winner team ofcourse shall get reward, DW can give them $8 per head. and here the DW can earn the 2$. Looser team will loose their Money ofcourse. Once the concept is successful, we can make it as online big tournament as globally players will come and play. I everything is not easy , but we can think about it. Thanks and Regards, KING LION
  2. thug life

    Meow...........!!! <3
  3. 40 / without Killed.//// Just missed concentration and got killed on 40. Camper Powe
  4. Dear Kevin and other Admin, Previously a may be 1 year ago, Player STATS and other server stats could be seen in GameTracker, Now it is asking Claim the server. Its just a suggestion, we can claim the server. Checking the Stats in gametracker is also one kind of fun and competetion. Please discuss among the admin, and have a decision. Note: Please check the attached screen Shot. Thanks and Regards, KING LION
  5. Raspberry PI

    Hey Bro.. I have worked on Raspberry Pi... What help do u want to have from me?

    OMG ur skillz..
  7. call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    Please Consider me next time for such a beautiful War...!!! Wild Craft Entry... ^_^
  8. call of duty 4 CALL HEALTH CARE PACKAGE..!!

    Ok thank you..!! I tried at open space too... But i got the same message.... Any how I will try again...!!
  9. hide and seek

    What do u mean prop hunt server?
  10. Dear Kevin, I used to play Free For All, Many times I got the streak of 20+ kills. I found in between , I guess a 14 kill streak or 17 kill streak will give us compliment of Health care Package. But every time it whenever I try to use it, it will say , Health care package is not available with the current position. There are two things, 1. Either I don't know how to use it. 2. Or there is something 'bug' In this case 1st one is absolutely True. But I don't know about second one// Its my duty to inform you as a player. Thanks and Regards, KING LION
  11. haircuts

    MEOW >>>>> waah...
  12. Intoduction : KING LION

    Dear Friends, I m KING LION aaah.......... and KING COBRA.... and in reality its me Sagar Jungade. I m from INDIA. and my age ......... OMG...... its 25 still playing the game// well someone said until and and unless u are child from inside.. u are living the life. May be this someone is me only You People already know.. that I am cute and Innocent <<< MEOW >>> I like to chat with u more than play the game. I came from office with all tiredness... But I m thankful to all of u.. who help me to recover it soon. Its more like my family to be with u. My motto of the life is.. I want to work with Kevin and exe.. To make the server better and better. I hope soon will work with the talented guys of the world. Its very difficult to mention names of each one.. but collectively i wanna thank to each one of you for making my life beautiful. Thanks for bearing me. ............KING LION (m cute and Innocent >>>>>>>MEOW<<<<<<)
  13. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Dear Kevin, My problem even doesn't stop here. My service provider changes my IP on daily basis. So if do you have solution regarding it, please let me know. I will be thankful to you throughout my life <3 Thanks and Regards, KING LION
  14. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Well Kevin , I appreciate the decision and work u have done. I am playing on dw server since 3 years. I was member too of DW (Previously dw). I dont know what is VPN and Proxy. I am facing the problem while connecting to server. I dont know how can I fix the problem. And also its not possible that I can change my Internet Provider. Please provide some solution. I hope u understand my problem. and I dont wanna be away from DW friends. Thanks and Best Regards, KING COBRA