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  1. Baffled About Something Lately

    Np most of the clans that did that were also competitive/ranked (over the years). So It was one of those things that was always done. Guess that just rubbed off on me since I was in some of them. It's all good. I have nothing further to add, lol. j/k. Have a good one!
  2. Baffled About Something Lately

    Gotchya, sorry doing like 8 things at once. Sometimes it takes a bit for it to click in, lol.
  3. Baffled About Something Lately

    I agree with help but it should be limited. Sorry i didn't answer what mainly you were pointing out. When I said "don't help them" and "your problem", I mean more or less don"t tell them how to do it or where. Just say that (whatever the reason) was taken and you need a different one. Please use google to find out how to fix it kind of thing. And it kind of is their problem. That's way more than most servers/clan would do. It always falls back on if you can tell they are telling you the truth that they even had a legit key/guid in the first place.
  4. Baffled About Something Lately

    Sergi, feel free to jump in. I value different angles. I'm not taking it as rude, its a debate/discussion. I enjoy them. One thing though. How can you verify they ever had one (key/guid) in the first place? People just download COD4 and have no clue how to get a guid. (for example he comes here) You guys could help them but wouldn't that also be aiding somebody with a not so legit game get a not so legit key/guid? How would you know? Take everybody at their word? Tough to do these days imo. On the flip side... Anybody can go D/l cod4mw and use one of those keygens and be fine on the server. And thats fine I guess. But let them sort of do the fishy stuff on their own. This topic sort of walks a fine line, you know what I mean? Like there is a grey area. Sorry if I am repeating, considering I think you get what I mean.
  5. Baffled About Something Lately

    eXe, It's all good bud. I just thought it was worthy of at least bringing up. I'm not even a member so, take it with a grain of salt
  6. Baffled About Something Lately

    You wouldn't have illegal stuff on your site or would it be linked to the clan. Nor would you aid in helping others crack something that NOBODY can verify that they ever had a legit guid in the first place. Or ever even bought the game. Yes peoples real purchased key/guids can be stolen. That's their problem, not yours. Its on them to do what they have to to fix it. Not you. Btw, what I said above is different. I was trying to find a middle point. That's what comes when people spit-ball ideas. Personally i'd not have anything to do with helping people crack their guid/keys, program or verbal help. You decide to ban them, tell them why. The rest should be on them right? I guess it depends how serious the clan is about some things. But any clan I been in over 18 years, no hacks, no aids, no verbal help to do anything illegal. You might as why? In their opinion it makes them look bad on some level. It may not matter to some but to others it might. If that doesn't matter or the clan doesn't share that thought, feel free to not worry about it. It's not a big deal by any means. I brought it up just in case it mattered to some. Since I like a few members/admin, I just felt I'd pass on some info to help or to find a good solution. No biggy, no love lost, just trying to help DW be better as a whole. My bad.
  7. Baffled About Something Lately

    I get it, but I just would think you can link them to it, but not have the file on the site itself. You know what I mean? It just covers your butt.
  8. Not to be nitpicky or pointing any fingers, but I been noticing lately people getting banned for cod4 guid/keys that are hacked. Yesterday I noticed somebody telling people to change their guid/key and linked then to a keygen. You SAY you don't support hacked guids/keys, yet use a illegal keygen to make a cracked guids/keys. All to give them a unused BUT hacked guid/key. Curious to know why anybody would aid them in that manner? I get it you want to be helpful and nice, but this is very conflicting and can send a bad message imo. Maybe not tell them how to illegal do stuff, then supply the illegal keygen? Maybe let them figure it out themselves? Just wanted to add my experienced 2 cents...