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  1. This gun

    No really can some one add guns in server - game ?
  2. This gun

    Imagine having this gun in game https://www.sendspace.com/file/4wfjyk
  3. my intro <3

    Wellcome zero:3
  4. idea for prestige

    This was a nice idea R'ainy
  5. This Or That

    Unicorn's live- Wonder land Unicorn land?
  6. Join clan

    good luck
  7. How to get fps & fov

    This is nice now some people can use it +
  8. lag

    Maybe you have ban network or something else ?
  9. Who playes >

    il start a new acc soon in the EU north east "Leauge of Legend's " server and il say my nick name here cus thsi acc what i use now isnt mine : ) Il create a new on so that i can play who i want to il try EU north east Region there, When created il post
  10. New comands !regfps & !regfov

    Nice usefule
  11. Sister or Lifetime friend?? (Joke Obviously)

  12. Kateeeeeee <3
    Unicorns for lyfe

    1. Katarina


      Yea for life <3 !

  13. Who playes >

    Hello, Who playes The game " Leauge of Legend " Say mayebe if we play on the same region we na play two geter Or maybe we can start a DW clan for that game : p Or just play.
  14. https://www.sendspace.com/file/kwbq74 After 3 hours i eated hem
  15. !fps

    Hello, I have some problom's when i use ( !fps ) it says = "Error cant reach that comand" And then i have to disconect and then again go in server, and then it can work. This happens some time but i ask why?