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  1. Robinson


    I think you are posting just to increase your content count or to increase your reputation, Cuz I see you started a lot of topics in a few hours....No use of that...
  2. Robinson

    cod4 Notice For Admins

    I think so...Usually there are alot of glitches in game and in the website too.but This is the first time I get some one else's details on screen.
  3. Robinson

    cod4 Notice For Admins

    How How to do that??
  4. Robinson

    cod4 Notice For Admins

    Ya dude...My bad
  5. Robinson

    cod4 Notice For Admins

    Now its not showing anyone's info.Even when I check while playing...
  6. Robinson

    cod4 Notice For Admins

    If you know me in game or in forum you probably know my ingame nickname.I never use other names that aren't releated to me. Yesterday I resetted My stats when I was playing.All were alright till now.When I login to the forum today morning There is someone else's information in the right column.He has more than 3000 connections and 1500 notices.And the name is alos different.He also recently cleared his stats.So My question is "Will this continuesly happen or effect me in some kinda way?".
  7. Robinson

    cod4 Can You Answer This?

    Subscribe mine too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAK6iMzgoq-xGrxamElDOzw
  8. Robinson

    cod4 Can You Answer This?

  9. Robinson

    cod4 Can You Answer This?

    Sometimes I spot a guy,and start firing at him.Then he also suddenly see me and start firing.But in the end,I will Die.This happens usually in sniping.Enemies just kill us without even spotting us correctly. At first I thought They are pro players and I'm a noob.(Ya,I accept that).But we both did the same thing.My aim was steady and accurate.Then what is the reason behind this?Is call of duty 4 is favorable only for someone? Few days ago,One of my friend told that, This thing happens to him also and its because of the ping.It means that the low ping player's shots are more accurate than the others.I think he is correct.Because there are no other major factors that affect the gameplay.And usually we see that low ping players play well and score higher in matches.Yeah,they got skills.But I think their low ping is an advantage.What you guys think? Maybe my opinion is incorrect.Please leave your feedback.Thanks for reading.
  10. Robinson

    cod4 Can you answer this?

    At first I fire towards a guy.Then he also opened fire on me.But I died because of it.My aim was accurate and stable..This happens regularly for me.Alot in sniper firing. At first I thought I am a noob.And they are pros.Thats why they use some tricks to kill me.But its not like that.hence,I am a noob, But I can take kills like that easily.Few days ag my friend mahi told me that,It happens to him also and its because of the ping.I think its correct.Cuz,I see usually low ping players play well.Ya,they got skills.But they have an advantage because of their ping.Now what you guys think.All the above things are in my opinion.Maybe right or wrong.can u tell me why this happens? Thanks for reading.
  11. Robinson

    cod4 Why You Play CoD4?

    Hahahah.,...Good joke.This game first released in 2007.If you were 17 at that time Now you should be 28 or something..You got a kick up to skip few years?
  12. Being A Guy is a Matter of Birth. But ,Being a Gamer Guy is a matter of choice.

    I think I made the Right Choice.

    1. Vicky


      yes ma bro 

    2. cute REAPER

      cute REAPER


  13. Robinson

    cod4 Why You Play CoD4?

    We all play games as a hobby,for a relaxation or to get the time passed.But why you play call of duty for that.I mean there are tons of other multiplayer games with stunning graphics and awesome physics with,even bigger online community.But still you choose to play the the game released in 2007 .So what is the reason? My Answer: They say "The first impression is the best impression".It was 4 years ago.I was not interested in gaming at that time.But my friends were.So,I went to a gaming cafe with one of my friend.I was standing behind his chair and he opened a game called "Call of Duty Modern Warfare".Then he started playing the mission "Charlie don't surf".After I saw his gameplay I realized that shooting games are not only firing towards the enemies.There is something more(Especially in Call of Duty Franchise).So,I though when I buy a computer I'll play this game somehow.2016 octobor I bought my PC.Then I started playing.Still I cant even think about to stop playing this greatest game of all time.Thank you and tell your reason behind the addiction of CoD4...
  14. Robinson

    not working Minor Errors

  15. Robinson

    not working Minor Errors

    I don't know..Its not visible in my dashboard..