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  1. IrishThuG

    lol sooo close

    this rule means you cannot glitch on the maps which the player Araf is doing..no glitching on ANY maps on the DW dervers...
  2. IrishThuG

    had grenades been nerfed in cod4?

    I noticed this the the mod was changed,now it takes a little more time in killing a player in like it was before,hardcore means instant kill when struck,now it seems like a little more is needed and it sucks we don't have the 3 nade perk either...
  3. IrishThuG

    How to reduce ping Heroic's way

    boys...most lag is from the server or the ISP,rebooting the router and pc helps,you can also tap into the router to give its full potential of power...turn off all background programs which many don't even know that are running..hit cntl alt del and shut them off..virus scans play a huge part in ping..turn it off..believe it or not...the better of a pc u have the lower ping,before I got my new beast of a pc,my ping was always 90..now im in the low 40s...update any wifi cards and keep all programs up to date...if you go to the activision website there is a big help section on this subject...but most importantly it falls back on the ISP,you can get a filter that goes between the router and pc o filter out some packet drops,always...I use Ccleaner to fix any corrupted registry files and clean the internet cache...carry on..Happy fragging
  4. IrishThuG

    no DW only CHEESE for now XD

    Your a strange kid pizza,and if it were up to me..i would deny your apps all the time because of this silly ignorant post you just did,maybe the xtra cheese on ur pizza is making ur brain all gooey...lol...if you cant treat the players with respect...why should a clan let you represent them?
  5. IrishThuG

    call of duty 4 B3 and other options

    haha...good idea..just hope theres no grannies there to distract me while I conduct business..lmao on a good note..its good to see b3 back up and staying on now
  6. ok guys..we have seen that b3 is down often,and when it is you also noticed that's when the hackers come..theres now way of kicking or banning them when this happens..sometimes when a hacker is present and no admins are around which occurs often,ill tell the players to go into the spec mode then the hacker cant do his thing...most players do this but the players that no el spako engrish don't..Kev or dusty..is there an a way that all the players will be automatically shoved into the spec mode when a hacker comes on the server? ive seen on some server where certain things are auto done...just a suggestion because its a shame when an Admin feels helpless when trying to do whats best for the Guest on your servers.. =)
  7. IrishThuG

    call of duty 4 Broken cmd

    !Prestige is over with..i was going to do it but thought prestiage was to have you start all over to level 1 again,i have prestiaged well over 10 times and didn't want that..lol
  8. IrishThuG

    Ping issues

    yes..this has been an active post for 10 years..lol..most lag is from your isp or your pc itself...always reboot the pc and modem before playing...shutdown all background programs from running,use the lowest settings first then work your way up to better settings..i use Ccleaner and it keeps my beast pc running great..i never have lag..it takes 4 seconds for my pc to boot,im using a 6 tb system and its really fast,if you go to the activision website they have a tech section to help yall with your lag issues...carry on...Happy Fraggin
  9. IrishThuG

    dw tags

    ok guys...from what I was told...when you play on a certain server,the bug GIVES you the tags without your consent,yes you have to manually remove them,now when the player plays on your server hes wearing a DW tag,but you CANT ban them..for one..there NOT exactly like your tags..they look similar but not just like yours..you have to warn them and ask them to remove them.warn them twice then kick,its NOT right to ban the player when he didn't put the tags on himself..its a bug just like the God Mode bug..warn them then kick,if they come back and sill have them warn again,they may not el spako engrish,then temp ban for a day....Carry on...Happy Fraggin
  10. IrishThuG

    forum The problems of the past week

    Good Job Kev...its called..devotion..you are commited to your staff and you showed compassion because you care about your friends by working hard to get everything right...good job!!
  11. IrishThuG


    we have seen this a lot in our OLD clan also..its nothing against you at all,just sometimes you have to follow the rules to become and Admin..like you had to follow the rules to be a member..I know you want to work hard in keeping the servers clean and hack free..we all do,but this pertains to having to follow the programs or rules abiding this subject..i know your frustrated but its best to put that frustration toward catching the rule-breakers first to make it look like you are Admin material..which we can see you are..like the old saying goes....Go" Get Em Tiger"!!!
  12. I have myself mentioned this problem,when using the B portal,i found that while jumping into it and hold the right movement button,sometimes you wont end up on the wall,i think this happens because the portal is too close to that wall,just always keep an extra frag handy to kill yourself if hung on the wall..only way to do it..Happy Fragging
  13. IrishThuG

    what happened here?

    this is where im confused..how did my key get cracked?..ive had the same key since 2014..lol
  14. IrishThuG


    Hey sniper...firstoff..when you play a game for so long..you get burndout..its common,it happens to all of us..just have have change ur game mode to something different to bring back that spark..leaving doesn't change that,just make it worse for now you have to deal with the feelings associated with the leaving part..do like I did,i use the m16 to snipe, or even better...snipe with an LMG which I find fun...just take a breather and focus on a different type of gameplay..thats all buddy..youll be alright =)
  15. IrishThuG

    what happened here?

    Hey fellas!! to start off,for some strange odd reason,its showing I have a duplicate key..how? I don't know..i cant figure out how this happened other than maybe someone thugged me and took it...every time I go to join a server it says that someone else is using that key...about 2 days ago when I jumped in a server,my stats were reset..so I went ahead and un-installed the game and re-installed it..I put the files in my E drive for I have 2tb there..for one its STILL showing I have a different key?..how in the hell could that happen? now..after the game was installed I can only see a 1.6 version,so I tried the Version changer to put it back to the 1.0 version,as I click on the button to locate the main files,it simply does not show the game directory on the E drive? the game runs but I cant locate it on the E drive,even when I go to Start and type in "call of duty",the directory opens but I cant highlight the appropriate file needed so I can switch back to the 1.0 version..Im stumped here?