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  1. Thinking Of Going back ........ ! 

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. IAV4K


      @[sX]PrObLem the door is always open ;)


    3. Heroic


      yep u can apply anytime! @[sX]PrObLem ;)

    4. [sX]PrObLem


      Will Se About it .. things are holding me off 

  2. [sX]PrObLem

    HCB permbanned me for being DW member

    I mean .. why do they Hate ar 51! members LOL ??? !
  3. [sX]PrObLem

    Movie test & no finished :P

    Wow .. just Wow lol ...Still with The skills ... decent editing .. quiet good gameplay keep up bro
  4. [sX]PrObLem


    i've been their LOL .. i got rejected for memberhip 4-5 times .... and applied 3 times for adminship two but i was patience and met the requirements .. finaly i promoted to Rookie .. then after a short time of being active and doing duty i was promoted to a Server Admin .... then H.A back in the old clan .. all you need is patience and doing the right rules ! good luck
  5. [sX]PrObLem

    call of duty 4 Win a key for Battalion 1944 #2

    i will .. thankx kev
  6. [sX]PrObLem

    call of duty 4 Win a key for Battalion 1944 #2

    even if i created a paypal account .. i need to link it with a visa or mastercard to recieve money ! the problem is i don't have nor visa or mastercard !!! Big issue
  7. [sX]PrObLem

    call of duty 4 Win a key for Battalion 1944 #2

    Done And thanks A bunch Bro <3
  8. [sX]PrObLem

    call of duty 4 Win a key for Battalion 1944 #2

    ++ i don't have a paypal account or something like that .. so i would accept it as a gift or steam key
  9. [sX]PrObLem

    call of duty 4 Win a key for Battalion 1944 #2

    I Found One Earlier before then i rememberd it !!!!!!!! i hope its the right one !
  10. [sX]PrObLem

    P90 pro intro

    little bit late .. but welcome
  11. [sX]PrObLem


    Pretty Good ... i got in 100m sprint 7.8 secs .. pretty fast huh ?
  12. [sX]PrObLem

    Battalion 1944 Beta Highlights #3

    Seems to be hella fun game
  13. [sX]PrObLem

    Amalcamus Intro

    Welcome Bro .