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    R 700, m4 carbine, mp5,mp44,ak-47
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  1. cute REAPER

    don I want to join this Clan

    @DoN I think that his keycode is being used by many ppl so tell him to change his key and apply
  2. cute REAPER


    welcome to the forums....
  3. cute REAPER

    Join in our team! Why 15 posts?

    It is good. We must have 15 posts inoder to apply for membership and it will be used to check ur activeness on forums....Otherwise there will be many problems if inactive players become members of the -=DW=- clan isnt it??
  4. cute REAPER

    Help Me

    i think that its a problem of b3.. just assume only not sure
  5. cute REAPER

    Help Me

    its not a ban
  6. cute REAPER

    Help Me

    this happened to me too @DoN
  7. cute REAPER

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

  8. I dont accept gambling . and do u think that if i ask money from my parents for a cod 4 tournament will they give me?They will treat me with a good shot on my ear
  9. I agree you.But i cant understand some of the hard words used .However I got the meaning
  10. cute REAPER

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    please tel me the meanings of those
  11. cute REAPER

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    welcome and what is this language is that spanish or french?
  12. cute REAPER

    All Maps

    That means u are "connection interrupted"
  13. I won't be active for several days and I have applied for membership. I won't be active cuz I have an exam.So please dont think that i am Inactive player and I will be active as soon as possible. This message goes to the heads of membership @IAV4K and @DoN