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  1. RELI

    GAMEOVER82 wh.

    Are you sure? I really don't see an wh here. Maybe the others have some other opinion. Any ways there is to little to poof for a wh.
  2. RELI

    Slow frame rate

    After reinstalling the game 2 more times suddenly start working fine. I don't know what happen but it is fine now.
  3. RELI

    Slow frame rate

    hi Fanatic, I did change the sensitivity in controls but that does nothing at all. I will try to find out how the config file works. Thanks a lot
  4. RELI

    Slow frame rate

    Thank you DaRealGhost, it worked, now the game is running smooth, but the mouse sensitivity is uncontrollable. I did set it also at 85 fps, the game run very smooth but the mouse is again uncontrollable .
  5. RELI

    Slow frame rate

    Thank you FANATIC for your help, now it is full screen again but still very slow frame rate.
  6. RELI

    Slow frame rate

    HI guys, how is going. I have an issue with the modern warfare 4. After reinstalling the computer ( windouws 10) the game plays in an window, not full screen. And the frame rate is very slow, impossible to play. Did anyone had this issue? Does anyone know how to solve it? thanks and hope to here from you soon, Cheers
  7. RELI

    call of duty 4 Server down

    Thanks Kevin
  8. RELI

    Soccer World cup

  9. RELI

    Camping on S&D

    Looked at this G3 camp and his score, is this fair @andreadb98? And the one that say, camping can not be measured, take a very good look.
  10. RELI

    Camping on S&D

    I see that here we are getting nowhere, and since the G3 is particularly effective in camping at hardcore, how about disabling the G3 in this server @Kevin? Than camping would not be very annoying. What do you think?
  11. RELI

    Camping on S&D

    @Uzbek I really agree with you. Those rules will be great. I really appreciate that you think about solutions of this problem. Unlike someone else that want chaos because they have no skill. Peace
  12. RELI

    Camping on S&D

    Go and looked now the S&D server now that you gave the permission to camp everyone is camping imposibile to play. Good job..
  13. RELI

    Camping on S&D

    For people to camp for 30 min in S&D server is ridiculous.. Go and looked now the S&D server now that you gave the permission to camp everyone is camping imposibile to play.
  14. RELI

    Camping on S&D

    I see the need to reopen this topic because what it is said in this topic and closed is really not nice, and also because other things are said before, like the comment of @Kevin in this topic. I really find it very irritating the campers like Heroic at the S&D server. They just sit in one corner for 30 min with the G3, and without any skill whatsoever the get the most kills. They ruin the all atmosfere of the game. And what is worse they only can do this at the S&D server. In other servers like All maps they can't do nothing because they can get no kills because have no skill. THey can't even snipe at the S&D server. I agree they can camp, but in the other servers not at S&D server. Camp at S&D server is just not fair to the others. Maybe it is an idea to make a camp server for this kind of players, and let them sit all day in the corners with G3. I hope some of you understand what I am trying to say here. I think the S&D server should remain as it is, which in my opinion is a very competitive server for players that want to develop their skills, and not to make this a server for people without and skill and for lazy players. P.S I would like to see the comments of other people in this topic not the usual campers like in the other topic. Please comment on this topic to keep this server as it is. Cheers..
  15. RELI

    Music Arena