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  1. Music Arena

  2. forum The problems of the past week

    Good job buddy, take care..
  3. HELLO

    Welcome in DW community
  4. DW tags

    HI Umar93, Here is the link to Join our klan Good luck
  5. DW Servers under attack

    Great job with the B3 guys. Let's have fun now..
  6. DW Servers under attack

    Any news guys? What is going on? When this problem will be solved? Cheers
  7. Happy New Year.

    happy new year Kevin and everyone. Cheers
  8. DW Servers under attack

    Bastards, but we will rise again
  9. -=DW=-Reli

    Thank you IVA4K, I will. Cheers
  10. -=DW=-Reli

    Dude you do know we have all the chats. The server register all you type and do. I did asked you friendly, but you gave me the attitude.
  11. -=DW=-Reli

    Mani you were not sniping. YOu were camping with the G3. Sniping is allowed and camping with a moderate manner. Heavy camping, or permanent camper like you is not nice. Plus you are very arrogant and don't listen to no reason. You are just a spoiled kid. You don't care about the other's players fun, but only yourself. And you come here are write in an way like the others should feel pity for you. You are also a member of DW calan, shame on you offending the administrators. We are trying very hard to keep the servers fun for everyone.
  12. Hacker Alert

    The best way Optimus is to make a bar request, with the video proef. Cheers
  13. This is for the RA HA SA <3

    Thanks buddy