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  1. >SpD<Pato

    favorite food?

    I have only tried swiss chocolate and i love it, so i guess belgium chocolate is delicious
  2. >SpD<Pato

    favorite food?

    I have only tried swiss chocolate and i love it, so i guess belgium chocolate is delicious
  3. >SpD<Pato

    wh Bubble wh

    Ingame Name: Bubble Server: -=DW=-Promod LIVE 2.0 Time: 0:54 am Ecuador time, server time 5:32 Reason & Proof: wh
  4. >SpD<Pato

    learn from me

    It's beautiful, but i dont want to learn from you >:v <3
  5. >SpD<Pato

    Master wh

    In-game name: master server: DW Promod Live v2 Time: 17/06/2018 0:23 my time Reason & proof:
  6. @KING LION i like your idea, soon i will have a bank account but like other users said, a lot of people that play in dw servers are kids, in my group just 3 or 4 (RoGeR, Panda, Seder, me) people have 18 years and another that have 29 (Xeronxs) and i think is a good idea to get money but is unfair for kids (14-17) if just 18 years old players play the tournament, but also dw admins can do another tournaments to get a free ticket for a future pay tournament, i think that way is a option
  7. >SpD<Pato

    call of duty 4 CARE PACKAGE

    Thats why i like to use glitches to call care packages
  8. >SpD<Pato


    Ok give me five minutes
  9. >SpD<Pato


    Hahaha sure ^^
  10. >SpD<Pato


    You forget me ok no jajaja
  11. >SpD<Pato


    In 5 minutes? What server? Promod? Or what?
  12. >SpD<Pato


  13. >SpD<Pato


    @[eYe]WoLfY @LyNx tell me when, but in ambush and this weekend im going to travel so...this is the day
  14. >SpD<Pato


    I already try u but just to confirm i will challenged u hahha
  15. >SpD<Pato


    I wanna try that i challenged u <3
  16. >SpD<Pato


    I was playing 10 minutes ago with him (he is very pro) and i want to know if this is a glitch
  17. Why?

    1. KashanRaider


      why what dude?


    2. >SpD<Pato


      Why everything xD why i am so noob?, why she dont loves me?

    3. KashanRaider
  18. >SpD<Pato

    VICKY ninja practise

    Lol vicky D: just a bad luck moment, i hope u will play like a pro again soon <3
  19. >SpD<Pato


    I discovered this last week it is normally ?
  20. That's because u don't play with me i love to kill that kind of campers! And i follow them untill i kill them
  21. >SpD<Pato

    xombies in normal servers!

    How did u do that movement? Jajajaj
  22. I thought the air was free until i bought a bag of potato chips xD

    1. LyNx


      Actually Its Lays!!! xDxDxDxD

    2. [eYe]WoLfY


      U must have seen it at Phantom Forces

  23. >SpD<Pato

    graysnow graysnow admin miss behave

    "IF you kill me congrats, you have luck Otherwise, I'm not going to warn or ban you for that. This game is for that... Kill and die. " Bueno...sin comentarios se te quiere igualmente @GraySnovv
  24. >SpD<Pato

    graysnow graysnow admin miss behave

    Well, i think he is a good admin, maybe he just have a bad moment...