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  1. itsme

    Admin abuse

    to all respected forum members and the senior admins. i owe my apology to each and everyone in here, i cannot express how ashamed i feel of myself for using such an derogatory term/name. i hope that i am eligible for your forgiveness. as i have stated earlier. it was a huge lapse on the judgement. my intention might have taken the wrong turn in order to achieve completely something else. but it goes without saying that i do deserve severe repercussions for my actions. if you believe that it was just a silly mistake and deserves just a warning, i would gladly accept such a proposition thank you
  2. itsme

    Admin abuse

    first of all let me begin by apologizing. i assure you that no such incident shall take place in the future. it was a grievous lapse on my judgement. please excuse this childish behaviour of mine. i am ready to face any action that senior admins deem to be correct. if possible, i would humbly request senior admins to consider giving me a chance to rectify this mistake. i'm terribly sorry for using such an offensive term, i would not like to translate it, but as our admins may demand, i shall, its a derogatory term for the word ''butt''. let me reiterate, that i am terribly sorry for this and i detest myself for doing so. thank you for listening to me @eXe @DoN
  3. itsme

    Our future

    head admins please take my request into consideration. i believe that i speak for the numerous folks who stock to the all maps server. and i am sure they would be disappointed to see such a popular server go away..therefore, my humblest of request to kevin to let open the all maps for the sake of those players thank you so much
  4. itsme

    Our future

    requesting kevin to atleast open up the softcore all maps. we used to receive so many players there, and it would be depressing to see it go away like that..please kevin if you can consider our humble request and reopen the softcore all maps
  5. itsme

    grenade kill

    i recently noticed that grenades render relatively less damage to the opponent as compared to the last few months, no matter how close you throw it towards them . the best effect they have is that the opponent is dazed for a few moments.just giving enough time to shoot them down. nades performing the role of stun nades.more or less requesting kevin to look into this matter thanks
  6. hi guys, back after a long time and noticed we move from DW to DW. but the thing is that i am not able to log in to my main ID (GENERAL ALADEEN). my request to kevinos or any other senior admin to help me recover my original ID, on top of that,i cant see my name on rookie admin list my GUID : f5d886e94a58700b7ab564f7563ebb26 edit: sorry i cant seem to type the name of our former forum,anyway please help me get my old id back