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  1. Music to help you play better.

    Not my cup in tea in terms of music, i would prefer an edm beat because it just sounds cool
  2. spidey

    Hey @Spidey Welcome to Our Forums ,Hope to see you in-game Tell us more about you ,like your country,your favorite food etc,we'd love to know more about you
  3. Zombie Server suggestion....

    +1 Nice Idea @Mythical I personally feel that you shouldn't glitch anyways therefore if you glitch you must die and become a zombie But a sign may be useful because a glitching spot is different for each person

    The prestiges look like this : and it looks like this in-game :
  5. why midcore?

    The players are complaining that it takes longer to kill other players in Hardcore Crossfire, maybe they don't know how to shoot
  6. why midcore?

    He is saying that the server is a mix of hardcore and softcore
  7. Zombie Server

    @MONGCHAW /connect
  8. Zombie Server

    100 % Agree with you @Arrr The server is still new, but Hopefully it will become populated Earlier today there was 18 players in, that is progress
  9. Questions

    Hey @Horonz I am not 100% certain that the gravity for the zombies is changed ,but i don't think so but i'll check when i enter the server :) Hmmm...maybe the the members were having a bad day ,we all are human after all Your location : Somewhere in Europe...lol
  10. Maintenance

    The Forum too ?
  11. idea for prestige

    @MONGCHAW you mean a killcard ? like this : https://postimg.org/image/6ursbrgav/
  12. Language Prefrences

    But Google automatically translates ^^
  13. Hello @[email protected]! Please read this post to find out how Regards -Vader
  14. Badges

    Hey all So i was extremely bored so i decided to design some badges for Dreamland Watertown groups . Red admin (100): Head Admin (80): Server Admin (60) Rookie Admin(40) Member(10) Forum Users: Thanks for viewing Ps: Criticism is allowed ,i was bored when i made this is there is a chance i was being dumb with the design
  15. My skill

    Skill goes down when you die too much ^^
  16. My skill

    Nice ^^ it happens
  17. Hi whats up

    Hey @Arrr Welcome to the Forum Noob?... You are the reason why I don't play S&D ,you kill me too much
  18. Badges

    If you want one with your name on it pm me ,but this took me a while to design so please don't ask for custom inner emblem and etc ,it gave me a headache trying to find cool ones
  19. Zombie Server (upgrade)

    And a mod similar to this already exists ^^ ~~~ROZO~~~ ~~~ROTU ~~~ and it can't run on V1.0
  20. Como se sube de nivel?

    Translation Question : I wonder what to do to rank up and to get the command! Prestige. Because when I want to activate the command nothing happens English answer : please watch this video to activate the command Spanish answer : por favor mire este video para activar el comando Via Google Translate
  21. I will be AFK

    All the best @DAS see ya soon bro
  22. "We are Young and Wild and Free"

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    2. IAV4K
    3. Ninja


      so what we get drunk ??

      so what we smoke weed ??

      we'r just having fun, we dont care who sees.

  23. movies

    Fury was cool and hacksaw ridge
  24. For Those who need..

    I eat Taco's ....so yeah i support Spanish People or is it Mexicans
  25. movies

    That was also a good movie