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  1. call of duty 4 Ban Appeal

    ehm.... Here is the video, I am open to opinions and we'll vote to see if there is a hack or not https://youtu.be/jU2zsaG3lbM
  2. Sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing at all 


    1. piko


      There is a folk saying ,that says :Silence is the mother of wisdom :)

    2. Police


      Silence is a sign of nobility and the fruit of rationality -Ali Ibn Abi Talib 

    3. I'mMalfri


      and silence is the best reply to fools ;D 

  3. !Stats

    Noob Scores
  4. Fake Dw Servers !!

    Hey All Recently some noob created re-direct servers with our name on it ...these are all fake servers Do not enter these servers at All !! There are viruses on the fake servers that will damage your computer We strongly urge all players to connect to our servers via ip : Here is a list of Our servers with their ips : Server Name Ip Adress -=DW=-Search and Destroy -=DW=-Hardcore Crossfire Only -=DW=-Softcore Crossfire only -=DW=- Free for All -=DW=- Softcore All maps -=DW=-Hardcore All maps -=DW=- Zombies How to connect via ip : Open your console by pressing "~" and then type in console : /connect <ip Address> Here is a Complete list of all our servers http://dwarea.com/servers/ Thank you for your Compliance This matter will be resolved ASAP Happy Fragging ~Staff
  5. Liers

    you made a mountain of a molehill all you could've said was ok i won't be afk next time but you decided to aggravate the situation by removing your own warning ----> Which is illegal!! if you make another topic like this you will be forum banned and server banned ......
  6. !Stats

    No one is making it an issue We are busting his balls too
  7. call of duty 4 DW vs DW #1

    Nice Work @Heroic Hopefully i'll be there from the beginning next time
  8. Data Usage!

    Atleast 200 mb for an hour match depending on how full the map is
  9. !Stats

    Most people do it ,it is quite annoying like they should check it before the match starts and after the match not every time they kill a person @Turtle what do you think ?
  10. "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."  -Hamlet 

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    2. IAV4K


      i'm dumbfounded ....

      Hamlet---->Shakespeare's Play......

      it is not my poetry it is literally a quote 

      I am also a poet :d 

    3. KashanRaider



    4. karlaone


      I don't hit all ,there's nothing left for me to do .ve to much time left in life so I,already didit allno more to do.

  11. call of duty 4 VPN & Proxy Blocked

    Now I can't ban evade Niceeeee Keveeeeeee
  12. Baffled About Something Lately

    The thing is we have an ip ban system so even if the person changes Key code they will still be banned sometimes people lose their cod4 so need a new key and don't want to buy another one we are aiding in helping them its a common misconception we are not aiding in ban evading but rather helping those who are less fortunate
  13. point's.

    you have 2 posts so 13 more to go
  14. This test shows how noob you are!!!!

    Can i change my answer i like D
  15. This test shows how noob you are!!!!

    i think C is best
  16. call of duty 4 New Head admins Level 80

    Not this Guy.......i already live with him under the rock now i must work with him Congrattzzzz Noob.exe
  17. Should take STEROIDS or not!?

    If you are over the age of 22 then take them Testosterone help with penile erections during puberty which ends when you are 21 but if you over flow of testosterone will : reduced sperm count infertility shrunken testicles erectile dysfunction baldness breast development increased risk of developing prostate cancer severe acne stomach pain
  18. Should take STEROIDS or not!?

    Steroids = No steroids unless you want an unhappy wife
  19. call of duty 4 A nuke? :)

    imma nuke dem noobs now Niceee Kev
  20. strong and handsome

    Strong. and handsome ....are you describing me ?
  21. If you are having a rough Day watch this 

    Rough Day,click on me ;)




      Dame tu cosita


    2. Marciano.


      @IAV4K u understand the song!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    3. Vicky


      Hahahha nice

  22. Music Arena

  23. New Head admins Level 80

    Hello All I am pleased to announce that @Segria joins the Head Admin (80) Given the job he does for the team, he deserves this level. Congratulations Welcome to the pro 80