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  1. New Maps For Zombies

    Unfortunately since we are running the zombie mod on v1. 0 custom maps are nearly impossible to add with several crashes occurring Thanks for offering to help I also have a few maps from ROTU and ROZO ^^
  2. call of duty 4 Kicked for personal talking

    Name in-game and B3 id please
  3. Abuser

    Tempbanned for 7 days with an IP ban Thanks for the report
  4. admin

    Thats why i put it under a trial I has a feeling it was a GUID used by many players
  5. call of duty 4 7tawi

    You are using a GUID used by Many PLayers : http://dwarea.com/clientdetails.php?id=905 We do not Provide support for Cracked Key Players
  6. call of duty 4 Emoticons

    Hmmmm I actually haven't noticed that because I mainly use my phone so the reactions appear vertically But we'll try and find a solution
  7. forum The problems of the past week

    You are a Noob but we still love you Take all the time you need bro we know you got us to help you don't lose your head
  8. Boredom

    Don't play dumb you and i both know you are watching it every Friday ^^
  9. Boredom

    Or watch some porn
  10. Badges

    Hey all So i was extremely bored so i decided to design some badges for Dreamland Watertown groups . Red admin (100): Head Admin (80): Server Admin (60) Rookie Admin(40) Member(10) Forum Users: Thanks for viewing Ps: Criticism is allowed ,i was bored when i made this is there is a chance i was being dumb with the design
  11. my first elevator

    That FOV is way too Much Why not Cg_fovscale 1.25 or cg_fovscale 1.125
  12. PM

    No we cannot Only Kevin Can since he is the owner of the server but he won't breach your privacy like that unless you are doing dodgy things on the forum or give hi a reason to Your Privacy is safe
  13. FPS without b3\bind for FPS

    Isn't Fov is capped @ 80 Fovscale is capped at 5
  14. Let's Admit It .

    No one chose me Jk...anyone who has my back is my favorite player @Segria always has my back even when we are on opposite teams AND @pascal and @bnjn and @IAV4K ALWAYS HAS MY BACK!!!
  15. Let's Admit It .

    It was actually because you have a pbbans
  16. Dripping with Finesse 

  17. Coz they Noobs Sometimes the best action is no action at all Honestly I don't want anymore drama if they don't want us on there server so be it we have good servers with good players there is no need to beef with anyone we all play cod4 for fun
  18. Unofficial Discord Server

    Told you Kev doesn't like Discord
  19. Admin Abuse

    I another admin abuse topic I see no admin abuse here He followed the correct procedure Porky verbally warned you and warned you for arguing with him to which is what you did I think the ban should stay it's just 16 hours you won't die, Read a book ,go have lunch with your girlfriend or you could sleep the 16 hours away your choice
  20. cod4mw Best gun in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

    Ak47 Ak74u Remington700 M40A3 the rest are noob <3

    50 in Sniper only 100 in HC crossfire
  22. Embarrassing Intro

    Who you ? Welcome Random Stanger -whom i do not know- to our Forums
  23. Athletic

    The only time I run is when someone is chasing me But nice time @Mythicalmaybe you'll be the next Wayde van Niekerk ^^
  24. Admin

    You are not ready and by creating this topics shows us that you disregard the rules about an ATS you do the bare minimum as a member 10 ban requests is not rocket science You are ashamed to see ? Your first ATS was denied because you didn't have membership for 1 month and you didn't have 10 ban request You created a second ATS literally disregarding the advice we gave you We do not hand over adminship to just anyone you cannot just expect it to be handed to you without doing any work 10 BAN requests you have been a member for 2 months and you don't even have one There are newer members even have more than 0 ban requests I am ashamed to see that you do not want to better yourself nonetheless try to do it When you get 10 more ban requests you can reapply until then stop spamming and get some ban requests!