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  1. IAV4K


    That is correct but i didn't ask for the eye colour .....so that tells me you jut googled it because i just googled it and your answer came up ........ Why cheat it a game if you get it wrong we don't really care we all just play for fun >>>>
  2. IAV4K


    Give Get Give. Get Give. Get Give. Get Solve this riddle it's actually a common sense riddle And .... You are the driver of a bus with 15 people on board you stop at a bus stop and 5 people get off and 8 people on the next stop 6 people get off and 4 come aboard on the next stop 9 people get off and 12 come aboard,on the next stop 6 people get off and 4 come aboard,on the next stop 2 people get off and 1 comes aboard How old is the bus driver?
  3. IAV4K


    silence :D
  4. IAV4K


    @DoN ....that was an easy one :D
  5. IAV4K


    Are you sure because AVI is supported by Youtube https://support.google.com/youtube/troubleshooter/2888402?hl=en
  6. IAV4K


    Need more proof and please upload future videos to Youtube
  7. IAV4K

    The Extermination - A Film by DoN

    Aimbot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wall- Hack !!!!!!! There has to be hack because no one can be so good
  8. IAV4K

    that happens when you don't listen to me

    Thank you for your comment @redtiger we appreciate criticism Unfortunately Cod4 is dying out there are approximately 200 players of that 200, on average a 100 players play on our servers that is nearly 50 % of the entire cod4 v1.0 Population Hackers are on every server on every game it is a fact Our admins have lives outside of cod4 Topic closed
  9. IAV4K

    Wtf Admin !

  10. IAV4K

    Wtf Admin !

    @Marciano. Care to explain ? http://panel.dwarea.com/client.php?cid=509
  11. IAV4K


    We'll Keep an Eye out
  12. IAV4K

    Please remove super mod powers

    Fixed Well it should be anyways :D
  13. IAV4K

    Happy birthday

  14. IAV4K

    DWvsDW Challenge - Video Highlights

    @DoN Wow I am speechless that video editing was out of this World Breathtakingly Beautiful Bro You deserve a whole strip club of boobs for that Video Wow just wow you could make a career out of the awe it!
  15. I beat you all I can do 1 click in 1 second