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  1. IAV4K

    call of duty 4 i got banned: ALKC

    I agree with Kola , I see wall-hack the way he play and points at random things tells me that he knows people are there and sometimes i can't even see those players with 1080p in Youtube so ........ he has something
  2. IAV4K

    learn from me

    -John Lennon
  3. IAV4K

    Soccer World cup

    Too early to say it like just began Maybe Portugal or Germany ^^
  4. thanks @iav4k and @don bro and all admins and all members to support me and love you all and i will give my best guys 

  5. IAV4K

    Im Back

  6. IAV4K

    he-man - WH

    I also can't find him in the db,i think b3 was down If he returns to the server we'll Get him Thanks for the Report
  7. IAV4K


    And Welcome Don't worry i am slow too
  8. IAV4K

    call of duty 4 Ban appeal

    @[Chule]BySneck your GUID/Key code is being used by many players so it will impossible to find out whether u were banned or someone else was
  9. IAV4K


  10. IAV4K I wont be present for two days beacause I have a exam

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    2. cute REAPER

      cute REAPER

      so please bless me :p 

    3. IAV4K


      GoodLuck to Both of you :p 

    4. evil BUTCHER

      evil BUTCHER

      thnxss bro :p


  11. IAV4K

    call of duty 4 Dead Chat In Promod

    it is a part of promod It is there so that your teammates can help u and tell you where to go what to do and where the enemy is Just ignore it or switch ur chat off or change the position your chat
  12. Hey @KING LION Thank you for your suggestion and please keep coming up with more But unfortunately Kevin started this server in cod4 in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing a server that allows players of all shapes sizes cultures and ethnicity to meet up in a cod4 server communicate and just chill by killing some noobs. Kevin never intended for anyone to pay for the server and put it on his own shoulders to pay for the server But unfortunately time have changed and Things are more expensive and it is kinda unfair for Kevin to take out of his own pocket to pay for a server that he barely has the time to play on .So he decided to create a donation widget for those who enjoy the servers and are willing to donate in order to keep it alive we are grateful for any donations where big or small they mean a lot to us and shows us that people actually care enough to keep us alive Donating is difficult and we don't expect people to stress themselves out if they can't donate we understand eg I would by all means donate but with the current economic status of SA it is no very wise as it will cost me an arm and leg Therefore paying for clan wars is hypocritical on our side. Thank you tho but in my opinion it is a gamble and seems a bit unstable in terms of running
  13. IAV4K

    Who is the FRENCH BAGUETTE

    This Guy is hacker Ben him Ben him i say .....he laughed at my nudes How do u pronounce ur name " Aurélien" coz i think i'm saying it wrong ......."aw really a nuub eeeen"
  14. IAV4K

    All Maps

    @a Flying Brick Hello Thank you for bringing up with concerns with us : Regarding the damage, the scripts implemented on the server has not changed the damage of the weapons in any, all it done was add some new Kilkstreaks and a visible +5 xp tag If I am not mistaken All Maps is Softcore meaning that players have 100 life whereas Hardcore is about 40....Maybe that accounts for the damage being 'reduced' As for the ping unfortunately that is a facet of online gaming : The closer you are to the server, the better your pc and better your skills of the game are advantages over people who don't have the above mentioned. Hence we can't do anything about it and cod4 is almost over 11 Years old people playing it since 07 have better skills than those who have played for only a couple years Hope this helped
  15. IAV4K

    i cant use fov and fps in cod 4

    @NOOBALERT Hello and Welcome, Please can you provide us with your B3 I'd or GUID so that we can check the problem